New Mobile Video Patroller, In-Car Video System for Police and Fire Departments, is on the Forefront of Next Generation Mobile Computing

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Imagine an in-car digital video system that stands up to the toughest demands, yet is easy for law enforcement personnel to use. KCI Communications delivers it- a powerful mobile system that combines leading edge technology, world class quality and robust reliability. KCI offers affordable digital video surveillance powerful in performance and rich in features. Whether you need a stand-alone mobile computer or integration to an existing laptop, the Mobile Video Patroller™ (MVP) is the preeminent way to upgrade, replace, or implement your first in-car video system.

Due to the rising demand for security and data recording in the area of public safety, KCI has created an effective mobile solution to provide officers and departments with a highly sophisticated solution that is adaptive, effective, and affordable. At the Mobile Video Patroller Product Page you will find more detailed specifications on the MVP system.

The MVP digital video recorder (DVR) was designed to fulfill every need of a law enforcement or public safety official. Resourcefully, the MVP combines high resolution video recording along with high quality audio tracks and transfers the recordings directly to a 60GB , 120, or 250GB SSD (solid-state drive) enclosed in the unit. The video files can be uploaded by the administrator via a wireless network (or manually) to virtually any storage media. The MVP can be integrated with an existing vehicle laptop computer or as a stand-alone unit with its own touch-screen monitor. With a rugged keyboard and wireless card, the MVP can be easily configured as a total workstation including mobile data functions. The MVP comes standard with Windows® XP Professional operating software.

KCI's Mobile Video Patroller™ digital video recording system stands on the shoulders of earlier KCI successes and offers everything needed to capture evidence simply and effectively. Law enforcement personnel can focus on their job and know that their evidence gathering system is performing the way it should. With the implementation of an SSD (solid-state drive), comes no moving parts. With no moving parts, there is virtually no repair ever needed (1.5- 2 million hours MTBF- means time between failures). KCI's solid-state drive also means less heat, less noise, and faster read/write times (as there is no read/write head to move). Using a T8100/8300 Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor 2.1/2.4GHz, and 2GB RAM, the MVP can easily handle a multitude of tasks.

Another unique feature of the MVP is the 2.4 GHz wireless audio transmitter/receiver system. It is the only one in the industry that is capable of having two transmitters record simultaneously to each receiver. This is crucial in the event that two officers are partnering in a vehicle. The transmitters themselves are very compact and extremely durable. They are also capable of operating up to 1000' from the base and enduring 12 consecutive hours without a charge (20+ days of standby time).

KCI has kept in mind the ever-increasing need for data in the evidence room and has integrated the video overlay with GPS coordinates, RADAR speed, time/date, officer number, and trigger indicators (brakes, lights, siren, etc). Using two zero lux Sony HDD cameras, the MVP records high resolution video in pure darkness. 6 automatic triggers allow for 60 minutes pre and post recording, more than any other DVR in the industry.

The most impressive aspect of the MVP system may be its user software. Designed by KCI's top engineers with the personal input and feedback of local police chiefs and commanders, the MVP software delivers a highly advanced solution with instant familiarity. Officers and administrators are able to customize their settings to make the MVP look and operate to their specific liking. The MVP software is hardware independent and built on a Windows .NET platform, and will run off a Windows-based operating system without depending on KCI- specific hardware to function. KCI thought ahead when they designed their software platform, leaving plenty of room for future add-ons and upgrades (i.e. automatic license plate recognition, 4 cameras, etc).

For more than a decade, KCI has provided communications systems for law enforcement agencies around the world. Founded in 1994, KCI Communications, Inc. has become a leader and pioneer in communications equipment and digital video recording technology. KCI's business model is based off their passion for creating an effective risk reducing means to aid in the investigation process, decreasing collateral damages, protecting the officer, and enhancing the overall safety on the road.


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