Powerseller Beats the Credit Crunch With eBay Arbitrage Profits

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Just when you thought you'd heard everything about eBay trading, along comes someone with a new idea -- and a new way to do it. Pete Bradley makes big money with eBay arbitrage printer trading. But he never stores, handles or even sees his printers. He buys and sells on eBay's UK site, whilst living in Gibraltar -- 1,400 miles from the UK. And despite the credit crunch, Pete's convinced that this is the best time ever for anyone to follow in his footsteps with eBay arbitrage.

And there's plenty of room for more eBay printer arbitrage traders - literally a world of room. The USA market alone is potentially massive.

Pete Bradley specialises in eBay arbitrage: buying low to sell high. Traders find a poorly advertised item, buy it and resell it for a higher price. He began by making a modest $40 - $80 per deal buying and reselling iPods and jewellery on eBay. But Pete knew that the high eBay arbitrage profits were in other areas.

"People are making big profits with antiques, collectables, cars..." Pete says. "My problem is that I don't know enough about these markets to make money. I know that there's a lot of fraud and forgeries on the internet. I don't want to get ripped off -- that was a big worry."

Bradley found his eBay arbitrage niche by accident. He's a graphic designer by trade, and needed a printer to produce poster sized versions of his artwork. A glance through eBay listings revealed massive differences in the end selling price on near identical printers.

"At first I couldn't figure out why. But when I did, I realised I could make $100 - $500 per deal reselling high end printers."

After a year of eBay arbitrage trading, Pete has now detailed his trading methods in an ebook.

"I've called it The 60 Second Secret because it takes me fifty seconds to tell you about the basics of my system, and ten seconds for you to get it. Just about anyone can understand, copy and make money from this."

Bradley concedes that for many people, high end printers are obscure products to make money from. "But that's their strength," he insists. "It's impossible for a new trader to compete with Wal-Mart, and sell mass appeal products like iPods. You'll never win on price, so why should people buy from you? You have to find a high profit niche and specialise in it. Then you'll make money."

And why does Bradley want to release this information to the world?

"Internet marketing appeals to me, more than anything else," says Pete. "And there's plenty of room for more eBay printer arbitrage traders - literally a world of room. The USA market alone is potentially massive."

What about the global recession? Isn't this the worst possible time to begin eBay arbitrage, or any internet business?

"Not at all. Forrester Research predicts that online retail sales will increase by 17% in 2009. And high end printer users are not casual buyers. They are hobbyists who want the best, and professionals who need the best for their businesses. This is not the time for budding entrepreneurs to get cold feet. An internet business offers more security than many nine to five jobs."

Dealing printers in a country in which you don't even live might seem strange -- but Bradley hopes his methods will inspire people.

"The internet is a great leveller. You can deal from any country in the world. with any country in the world. The 'hands off' approach is often the most efficient. It saves time, postal costs and storage space."

Unorthodox or not, the methods outlined in The 60 Second Secret seem to be working for Pete. eBay recently awarded him Silver Powerseller status in recognition of his success.

"In another month I plan to reach Gold," he says. Pete's message is simple: "If I can do it, anyone can. Just follow my example."


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