Carol Lombard Clark Shares Her Vision of a 'World without Terror' in our Current State of Economic Anxiety and Troubles Abroad

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Carol launches her new site and works with 7-time Grammy winner Roger Nichols to bring her vision to life through art and music

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love all their brothers and sisters in all the world.

A story of love, loss and legacy has been waiting to be shared with the world in an attempt to promote peace. Now through the launching of her website, Carol Lombard Clark wishes to convey her experiences of wars from Vietnam until now. Clark's website,, includes her story, vision and an inspirational poster for world peace with the poem entitled "A World Without Terror."

Carol Lombard Clark is a singer, writer and producer dedicated to sharing her vision of peace and reconciliation with the world especially given the current state of economic anxiety and troubles abroad. She was only 17 years old when John Roberts, her sweetheart of five years, was killed while serving in the Vietnam War in 1967. Two days before her 18th birthday, Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered followed by the assassination of Robert Kennedy a few months later. These experiences account for a rough time in her life which shadowed her feelings about all wars since then. "I just couldn't understand why so many people wanted to hurt each other," she said.

Clark never completely shook the death of 18 year old John Roberts. She and Steve Roberts, John's brother, recently took a trip to Vietnam to seek closure after forty years. The experience, along with reflections of other hard-to-cope-with events of that time, inspired her to write the poem "A World Without Terror." The poster for world peace will be available for purchase on her website for $20.00; with a percentage of the proceeds going to charity and Democratic causes.

Other projects of Clark's include her autobiography "Wounded Angels" and a screenplay she has been working on called "Goodbye Caroline," a story about her relationship with Roberts. Clark remembers what it was like to lose a loved one because of global unrest, and she feels the need to tell a woman's side of a war story so that women today with similar testimonies can relate. To learn more about Carol's story visit

Poster for World Peace

Carol Lombard Clark's vision has been captured in a poster that encourages people to "pray in each of their faiths for world peace" and "love all their brothers and sisters in all the world." The poster features a painting of a family tree with pictures of various religious and political symbols and figures such as Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhi, the Kennedy brothers, and Barack Obama. Also included is a picture of Steve Roberts and Clark at the funeral of John Roberts in 1967 and another picture of the two 40 years later at his death site in Vietnam. The center of the poster highlights Clark's poem "A World Without Terror."

"A World Without Terror"
For all the people of the world

"Complexities of terrorism lying deep beneath
the surface of the subconscious mind.
That is the making of all this unkind.
Children living in caves, hungry and cold,
watching the sufferings of family members
dying, starving, being shot, being taught
hatred and bias; it all took its toll.
Brainwashing of lying radical religions
that have nothing whatsoever to do
with brotherhood of Man.
Is this really the way the Holy Spirit planned?
Imbalance of resources around our world,
selfishness and greed, fighting about what happened
in the generations already gone.
Terror in childhood, terrorism in adulthood;
is that what happened?
Frightening feelings, brainwashing and dealings
on both sides of the land.
Does violence and killing bring forth peace;
or does peaceful action bring forth peace?
You decide, get rid of your pride,
admit your wrongs and then go on,
looking inward and upward to the Holy One.
What, oh, what would he really do?
Stop making this world feel so sad and blue."

Carol Lombard Clark

*CCWRITERS LLC is not associated with Barack Obama or the Democratic Party in an official capacity

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