Generosity Guru Offers Advice for Surviving the Madness in the Financial Markets

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The generosity guru, Dr. Steve McSwain, in a recent speech to a Midwestern audience, offered the following advice to investors, singles, couples and all households, for surviving the madness of the financial markets.

get good advice from a professional. Then, stop, meditate, and breathe. Better yet, sleep on it.

The generosity guru, Dr. Steve McSwain, offers the following advice to people for surviving the madness of the financial markets:

-"Eat, Pray, and Learn" - "It's amazing," observes McSwain, "how many are clueless about how the market system works. Ignorance fuels the panic that flames the fear that results in decisions that are almost always unwise and costly," says McSwain.

Learn the basics. "I was an adult," McSwain admits, "before I learned how to balance a checkbook. Nothing wrong with not knowing everything," says McSwain, "but there's everything wrong with not knowing enough--and, what you don't know will hurt you."

McSwain counsels parents to teach kids the financial basics. "Since what's happening in the market has their attention, seize this opportunity. Talk to them. When you give an allowance, show them that they must discipline themselves to 'save a little, share a little, spend the rest'. That's a formula for their financial success--yours, too."

-Stop, Meditate, and Breathe. "That's a great way," advices McSwain, "to avoid a hasty, ill-informed decision about this market." McSwain describes a time when, following a divorce and a career change, he invested without investigating in a product advertised on late-night television which 'guaranteed' financial freedom. It turned out to be a scam that cost him thousands.

"I had been worrying for days about my needs so, on an impulse, I bought the product, then went to sleep dreaming of financial freedom. The next day, however, I had this feeling I acted too quickly and I had. If only I had first stopped, meditated, and breathed, I might have felt the cautionary impulse sooner and avoided being scammed. Before doing anything with your financial portfolio," McSwain counsels, "get good advice from a professional. Then, stop, meditate, and breathe. Better yet, sleep on it."

-Don't Judge Others--Too Quickly. "There's plenty of blame to go around. This mess we're in is not the fault of one administration, political party, or Wall Street execs."

"No special interest group has a monopoly on greed," observes McSwain. "Greed like a weed can grow in anyone's garden. It'll spring up wherever there's a crack in the soul."

"The incomes of corporate executives," observes McSwain, "and their 'multi-million-dollar parachutes' enabling them to disappear before the eulogy has been read, passed the level of absurdity long ago. It is a national disgrace--the American Dream on Greed-Eroids."

"But before pointing a finger, take a hard look at what's growing in your yard. Too many of us, in the words of Will Rogers, have 'borrowed money we don't have, to buy things we don't need, to keep up with people we don't like.' Greed is what motivates people to live beyond their means."

"The best greed-control is to sow seeds of generosity. This may seem ludicrous but just remember, no matter how hard you have it, you can be sure someone is having it harder. Just visit and you'll see. McSwain explains this is the charity that receives the royalties from the sale of his book, The Giving Myths: Giving then Getting the Life You've Always Wanted. But, he admits there are scores of charities that will need extra support this season.

So, Share-a-Little, Especially Now. "Generosity never bankrupted anyone," observes McSwain. "I'm met a lot of bankrupt people but it wasn't giving that made them so. Generous people always have enough and plenty left-over to share with others."

"The proverbial story of the boy who shared his little lunch and ended up feeding a great multitude ought to be enough to remind every American that as we 'Share-A-Little' we 'Save-A-Lot'--like this great country, for starters," says McSwain.

"The great spiritual master put it this way: 'Give and it will be given to you.' That means you do not give-to-get, but you do get when you give. This is the real 'Law of Attraction' and it will work for everyone, religious or otherwise."

Dr. Steve McSwain is the author of The Giving Myths: Giving then Getting the Life You've Always Wanted. ( To reach him, contact Marika Flatt at PR by the Book, phone number: (512)560-6787; marika @;


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