Guerrilla Marketing for Franchisees™ Goes Global

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Actually, Guerrilla's use traditional marketing channels, as well in their arsenal of marketing weapons

An international business joint-venture between Anthem, Arizona (USA)-based Guerrilla Marketing Strategies, Inc. and FranchiSeek (India) announced today will make Guerrilla Marketing Strategies Training Center workshop materials available to franchisees and other small business people in 25 countries around the world; and, the companies are making plans for an international Guerrilla Marketing for Franchisees Boot Camp tour beginning in 2009. Perhaps a sign of our economic times, Guerrilla Marketing tactics are becoming more popular around the world. The materials will be available at, and on its global media network.

In 2006, Jay Conrad Levinson (author, "Guerrilla Marketing", 14 million-plus copies sold), and Phoenix-area entrepreneur and former franchisee, Todd Woods, released their co-authored book "Guerrilla Marketing for Franchisees". At the same time, they launched the first-ever Guerrilla Marketing Strategies Training Center designed to provide effective marketing training specifically for franchisees. Since 2006, the group headed by CEO Todd Woods has assisted in the success of many franchised groups in the U.S. The company also operates an online franchise training center and online store at

"We are truly thrilled that and its related media media, an internationally-respected franchising information service with networks in 25 countries, has joined us to make these effective marketing training materials available to franchisees worldwide," said Todd Woods, CEO and co-author. "The Guerrilla Marketing concepts may need slight revision by country and culture, but as a general rule, the concepts of maintaining long-term business success by nurturing customer relationships and keeping a 'Guerrilla Mindset' in business will apply to franchised groups and other independent small businesses worldwide," he added.

Guerrilla Marketing Strategies' team of experts assesses and mentors each business client so that the franchisee gets relevant training to complement what the franchiser provides in the way of marketing support. "We are a complement to the corporate training programs that most franchises provide, helping the franchisees better understand their responsibilities, and arm them with effective and efficient marketing weapons that add to their arsenal," said Woods.

In 1984, when Jay Conrad Levinson published his first book "Guerrilla Marketing", it was perceived as an alternative set of marketing ideas that involved more street theater than what many considered "legitimate" marketing practice. "Actually, Guerrilla's use traditional marketing channels, as well in their arsenal of marketing weapons," said Woods. Today, many of the concepts first taught by Levinson in his 1984 book are common, and routine marketing practice among many companies. Today's Web generation has coined new terms like "Viral" or "Organic" or "Relationship-based" marketing, but these are all semantic variations of the original Guerrilla Marketing teaching from Levinson's book.

Guerrilla Marketing Strategies Names Eddie Leonard as New Chief Operating Guerrilla & Certified Guerrilla Marketing Trainer:
Eddie Leonard, a veteran marketing professional and recently a consultant to franchised companies, has been named the new "Chief Operating Guerrilla" for the company. Leonard's primary responsibilities will be to manage the intellectual properties and other company assets, as well as steer the global expansion of the Guerrilla Marketing for Franchisees brand. Leonard, originally from Chicago, has managed the post-baseball career of a retired Chicago Cubs Baseball player, he has run the statewide sports festival for the Governor of Illinois, headed up marketing for a group of Six Flags Theme Parks under Time Warner, and he started the first brand marketing department at America Online, Inc. The Leonard's currently reside in the historic Rocky Mountain town of Durango, Colorado.

"I am a bit of a 'fan' when it comes to Guerrilla Marketing and I am truly thrilled to be associated with what is perhaps among the world's most recognized and respected marketing brands," said Leonard. "We plan to continue with the expansion of our brand through additional strategic business partnerships in true Guerrilla fashion," he added.

The company also plans to add one-on-one Guerrilla Marketing for Franchisees Boot Camp sessions at various locations around the world. "Don't worry," Leonard comments, "there will be NO 5:00 A.M. wake-up bugles and long marches. This will be fun times learning how to become a more successful Guerrilla Marketing business person."

About Guerrilla Marketing Strategies, Inc.:
The company was formed in 2006 by the "father of Guerrilla Marketing," Jay Conrad Levinson, and co-author and former franchisee Todd Woods after the publication of their book, "Guerrilla Marketing for Franchisees". The company provides marketing and business practice training materials to individual or groups of franchisees and independent business people, boot camp workshops, one-on-one coaching and keynote speeches to franchised and independent business groups. The primary focus is to reinforce what franchisers teach in their new franchisee training, and to help franchisees become more savvy marketers. The Guerrilla Marketing for Franchisees and Franchise Boot Camp information can be found at

About FranchiSeek:
Franchiseek has established itself as one of the leading international business franchise opportunity resources specializing in franchising development and recruitment. is becoming popular on a worldwide scale as a starting point for individuals looking into buying an opportunity. The company also publishes Franchiseek International Magazine, distributes franchise information publications via Franchiseek Limited Publishing, and they provide franchise support services via the Franchiseek Global Alliance Network. The company, covering franchise networks in 25 countries has headquarters in the UK and India.


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