Property Mentor Fights Back Against Reduced Lending Options by Offering Investors a Helping Hand

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Property Mentor has certainly let the property market know they mean business with their latest campaign.

Property Mentor has certainly let the property market know they mean business with their latest campaign.

In the wake of the nationalisation of Bradford & Bingley just one week ago, hundreds of buy-to-let mortgages have been withdrawn from the market. A cut that has had a profound effect on the property investment market:

  •     As the leading lender of buy-to-let mortgages, the collapse of Bradford & Bingley has resulted in the loss of 20% of buy-to-let mortgages
  •     UCB Home loans and The Mortgage Works have withdrawn all their buy-to-let range, leaving behind only inaccessible loans that no investor can access.
  •     Bristol & West and BM Solutions have cut their lending options by 75%.

Yet despite these reports, Property Mentor is confident that their system will see them out throughout this market upheaval, and will keep their investments safe:

"What many investors forget is that history repeats itself and it will keep on repeating itself. Wasn't it only 18 years ago that the market went through this very same transition? We know, we remember. That is why we are confident that if investors stick to their guns, they will come out of this credit crunch stronger then ever. It is only a matter of time before the market shifts again." - Matthew Lauchlan, Property Mentor Director

With the launch of Property Mentor Finance just a few months ago, Property Mentor are now opening their doors to other investors - experienced and new - in a bid to help them beat the statistics and avoid having their homes placed under increased debt.

As Property Mentor Director, Matthew Lauchlan recently stated: "The last thing any investor wants to do is dip into the free equity in their own home. Not only does it increase your chances of losing your buy-to-let property, but can put your own home at risk too."

Continuing on this topic: "At Property Mentor we understand that the temptation to sell - especially within an ever constricting financial market - can feel like the only choice you have got left, but it doesn't have to be. Through our workshops we can help investors to safeguard their properties and actually achieve better deals - yes even when the press is saying otherwise."

And their deal is simple. Anyone who attends their 2 day course will be given instant access to 20 mortgage lenders who will not only accept their unique system, but will also offer them better than the going rate. All investors will have to pay for is the extra legal expenses and stamp duties. Nothing else.

This is great news for many investors who are struggling to bring their buy-to-let mortgage down to 60% in order to break even. Instead, the Property Mentor system enables them to access low interest rates as well as a higher LTV on their mortgage.

And this is not all they have done.

In a bid to prove to investors that their system is the real deal, Property Mentor are inviting investors from all over the UK to come to their FREE 2 hour seminar, so that they can witness first hand that their system works.

Here in this workshop, real estate developers will be able to meet past Property Mentor delegates who have used the system, created the portfolio and have invested even though the media has told them that there is no market:

"The goal behind our courses is to promote confidence. To prove to investors that no matter their experience, or the state of their property portfolio, they too can continue to invest and make real sustainable profits from the buy-to-let market," quoted Matthew Lauchlan, Director of Property Mentor.

As he continued to explain: "It's true that many investors due to poor choices are now having to subsidise their properties in order to pay the 7.4% SVR, but we can provide them with the tools to turn this around and escape the pressures to sell. Investors can beat the statistics."

And this new approach to their course has certainly left its mark.

During these 2 hours, investors will be given access to FREE expert advice from a team of trainers who have been in the property business for over 20 years. No strings. No catches. Just the exclusive opportunity to share their fears and doubts with a group of like-minded people.

"All it is takes is one action… one decision and we can turn this around. The buy-to-let market can survive."- Matthew Lauchlan, Property Mentor Director

Some of the topics that will be covered are:

  •     How to structure your properties for long term success
  •     How to earn a guaranteed £500-£1,000 per property in just as little as 30 days
  •     How to invest in the right properties

For more information on Property Mentor's forthcoming property investment workshops, visit


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