Shocked? A Massive 88.2% of Our Brides To Be Couldn't Believe We Had The Front To Ask This Question

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It's the million dollar question: "Are you planning one last fling before your wedding?" At we put it to brides-to-be. A massive 1,013 responded, but curiously the small 5.5% that said "Maybe" and the 6.3% that said "That's my aim" decided NOT to reveal more. Judging from the gobsmacked response from the other B2Bs, they'd probably have been lynched ...

Although some of us might admit to the odd fling before we met 'Mr or Mrs Right', it seems that once we've met our future soul mate, we're faithful -- even before we stand at the alter and promise to forsake all others.

When put the million dollar question to B2Bs they were horrified we'd even considered it! Of course there's always going to be a minority that says yes they would or might, but curiously they just placed their vote without explaining why.

Out of the massive 88.2% that voted "Absolutely not!" we've had some stunned responses. "HELL NO!" ... "NEVER!" ... "NOOOOO WAY!" ... "How could you live with your conscience on the day?" In fact B2B Nickie went as far as to say she thought the poll "must be a joke".

A stunned Hayley says that in the unlikely event she'd ever consider it she would "call off the wedding" immediately, but it's something that would never even enter her mind because "I'm marrying the love of my life so I know no-one would come close!"

Amy agrees. "I believe once you're in a relationship ... the sleeping with others should stop. I have been with Daz for almost 8 years and since the day we decided we were 'together' the thought has never once entered my mind!"

Sassy is another B2B that agrees. "Marriage is a commitment sealed first with an engagement ring which to me is a promise of fidelity."

The general consensus is that if your eye is roving then you shouldn't be getting married at all. "Be single and do it!" exclaims Mrs G. "What's the point of settling down if you want that last fling?????"

"It's like implying your partner is not good enough," adds Keeley . "Or like you feel you're going to be missing out on something!"

A shocked Rachel says: "I love my fiancé with all my heart. Why would I possibly jeopardise future happiness for 15 minutes of fun!"

Suitably chastised by our question, we went on to ask: "Well, how about a pre-marital snog, then? Surely that's not as serious as full on you-know-what ...?" But it seems even a clandestine snog is a serious no go area for our brides-to-be.

Mrs G came straight back with: "A snog is just as intimate, so no way!" Bridezilla was just as shocked: "I would be gutted at that, let alone full sex".

Kate says: "I couldn't do this either. I have waited years to find the man of my dreams and couldn't bring myself to do something like that". Jenny wholeheartedly agrees: "My god, no, and those who do don't deserve to get married!!!!"

A relieved Amy adds: "I'm glad people feel the same way. I have had people say 'snogs are nothing -- just a bit of fun' -- I would still kill my h2b for that though!"

MrsKeeley2b agrees saying she'd be "really hurt if h2b snogged someone else and he would be if I did". Like the others, she feels it's "just as intimate" and she has "no respect" for people that have one last fling or "cheat on their partner in any way".

But amongst the shocked response to our questions, there were a few light-hearted comments. Although she says the very idea of a fling is "terrible" Ness jokes: "Even if I wanted to, I haven't got the time of the bl**dy energy!"

Kate T laughs that it "took me long enough to find someone that doesn't mind my wobbly bits!" and a wry Lisa adds: "My saying is why go for a burger when you have steak at home!"

The great thing about this controversial survey was that it showed just how much our brides-to-be are in love with their future husbands. "Personally I couldn't be happier that Andy will be the only one for the rest of my life," says Mrs Keeley. "I wouldn't have it any other way."

Caz sums up the topic admirably: "God forbid that if a girl even laid eyes on my h2b I'd be mad," she says. "In the last 3 years, not once have I even looked at another bloke in the same way I do Marc."

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