Discoverer Bob Cornuke Leads a Historical Tour throughout Iran

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Join Bob Cornuke, BASE Institute and Rhonda Sand on this Biblical teaching and discovery expedition. Persia is the land of great kings - Cyrus, Darius, Xerxes and Artaxerxes. The itinerary is designed to gain an appreciation for the Old Testament sites.

Modern-day Iran is full of ancient wonders that beg to be explored and enjoyed. An ancient civilization dating back over 7,000 years, Iran is a historical and archaeological treasure trove. Does the thought of visiting ancient Elamite, Sassanid, and Persian ruins sound exciting to you? Then you should consider joining Rhonda Sand with Living Passages on what will truly be the adventure-of-a-lifetime.

Bob Cornuke of BASE Institute will be guiding travelers on a once in a lifetime trip spanning 17 days. Beginning in Tehran, Iran's largest city--with a population of over 7 million people--travelers will be pampered for two nights at the luxurious five-star Esteghlal Hotel while visiting many fascinating spots within this large, metropolitan city.

Once out of the city, travelers will be treated to the exploration of:

  • A cave system, Ali Sadr Cave, which contains several large lakes and rivers and was discovered during the reign of King Darius;
  • Hamedan, (Ecbatana, in ancient days), which is considered to be one of the ancient world's greatest cities;
  • Avicenna, the great Iranian scientist;
  • Anahita, a third-century goddess of water & fertility, located in Kangavar;
  • An impressive Sassanian rock relief, known as Tagh-e-Bostan, located about 4km from Kermanshah;
  • One of the most impressive castles in all of Iran, Falak-ol-Aflak. Situated on the top of a large hill of the same name, within the city of Khorramm Abad, this gigantic structure was built during the Sassanid era (226-651 A.D.);
  • Apadana Palace, built by Achamenid, located in Susa;
  • One of the most spectacular surviving examples of Elamite architecture, Choqa Zanbil ziggurat;
  • The city of Shiraz, the avowed capital of Persian literature, has long been considered Iran's intellectual center and has several top-rated universities. The poets Hafez and Sa'di are buried here. Old Shiraz, on the eastern side of the city, contains the popular Bazaar-e Vakil, a plethora of mosques and madrassas, as well as the sparkling, mirror-covered shrine of Shah-e Cheragh;
  • The hand-hewn rock tombs at Naqsh-e Rostan, which are believed to belong to Darius I, Darius II, Xerxes I, and Artaxerxes I. After sunset, we will travel to Persepolis (Takht-e-Jamshid). The construction of this massive palace, started by Darius I, one of Cyrus's successors, in about 518 B.C., was completed over a period of 150 years by subsequent kings--Xerxes I and Artaxerxes I.
  • Acheamenian palace ruins, Pasargad, where we will see the tomb of King Cyrus (550 B.C.). We will also travel through the Abarghoo Desert, where we will stop to view a cypress tree which is reportedly over 4000 years old.
  • The Mir Chakh Magh edifice, the water museum, the Zoroastrian Fire Temple, the Zoroastrian Towers of Silence and the local bazaar in Yazd;
  • Esfahan, "the jewel of ancient Persia", is one of the finest cities in the Islamic world. We will also enjoy a visit to the Vank church and museum and a tour of the old portion of the city;
  • The massive, historical square, Naqsh-e Jahan, is listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In addition to visiting all of these and other amazing locations, travelers will enjoy time spent interacting with Iranians. Contrary to what is broadcast on the nightly news, the overwhelming majority of Iranians enthusiastically embrace visitors to their country. Iranians take their roles as hosts seriously and it is remarkably visible in their politeness and desire to interact with visitors to their country.

Bob Cornuke has extensive experience traveling throughout the Middle East, Turkey, Egypt, and Ethiopia. Additionally, Living Passages is a member of the prestigious Virtuoso group, so travelers may rest assured that their experiences while traveling through Iran will create memories to last a lifetime.

Contact Rhonda Sand at Living Passages at or call her at 888 771 8717.


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