NY Times Best-Selling Author, Steve Alten, Reveals Warnings About October Surprise

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The SHELL GAME is arguably the scariest book published this year, written by NY Times best-selling author, Steve Alten who set out to open the eyes of the American public before the November 4th Presidential election. The author spent three years working with insiders in the oil industry, military, and foreign intelligence, producing a page-turner that details a neoconservative October surprise designed to secure the election for the GOP candidate and lead to an invasion of Iran.

Far more people have suffered far worse. I only pray the book remains fiction.

With the last Presidential debate over and the election less than three weeks away, Barack Obama's substantial lead in the latest polls appears to spell an end to eight years of neoconservative rule. Don't be too sure. A new book outlines this exact same scenario -- with a frightening conclusion.

The Shell Game, written by NY Times best-selling author Steve Alten, details the next 9/11 attack, a false flag October surprise, manipulated by a faction of neocons willing to do whatever it takes to maintain control and invade Iran. Revealed in the pages are eye-opening facts about world oil reserves, the military's stand down during the last 9/11, and the dire consequences Americans will have to face unless major changes in energy policies are enacted soon -- assuming the right candidate wins the election.

Said the author, "Almost every detail preceding the October surprise has come true, even the GOP's choice of a woman for VP. In the story, the Republicans are trailing badly, and that's when the neocons decide to allow their October surprise to happen -- an attack that President Bush actually seeded last Spring when he said, 'the next 9/11 will make the last 9/11 pale in comparison.' Another attack is the hail-Mary pass that changes the election for John McCain and allows the neoconservative agenda to move forward. It's a frightening scenario."

Described as a cautionary tale written in the guise of a thriller, The Shell Game is well-researched, with the author enlisting contacts in the oil industry, military, and foreign intelligence. One source even provided Alten with the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden.

"Bin Laden is in Yemen," states Alten. "Bush and Cheney never wanted him captured, he's the poster boy for the war on terror. The attacks, the Patriot Act, the war...the whole thing was always a giant shell game. My aim in writing the book was to expose the con to prevent the next attack."

Penning The SHELL GAME took a toll on the author, the stress affecting his nervous system, leading to an eventual diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease. "If that's what it took, so be it," says Alten, who is only 49 and has no family history of the disease. "Far more people have suffered far worse. I only pray the book remains fiction."

The Shell Game is available in major book stores and on Amazon.com.

To watch a video book trailer of The Shell Game, go to http://www.TheShellGame.net

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