50 Life Coaching Openings For New Clients Made Available By LifeMasteryCollege.com

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LifeMasteryCollege.com is opening up 50 new client openings for Life Coaching at a reduced price. In addition to numerous other benefits, clients receive bonuses, the ability to submit their questions, and a graduation certificate. Life Mastery College's Life Coaching provides cutting edge personal coaching so that clients can quickly and easily get more out of life, change direction to reach their goals, and live a happier, more fulfilling life.

LifeMasteryCollege.com is opening up 50 new client openings for Life Coaching at a reduced price. "If you want to have the same advantage as leading corporate CEOs, sportsmen, entrepreneurs, and others - then you will want to take advantage of the incredibly affordable and convenient life coaching provided by http://www.LifeMasteryCollege.com ," said Darryl L. Mobley, founder of LifeMasteryCollege.com.

Current clients of http://www.LifeMasteryCollege.com say that if someone is new to Life Coaching and they want top-level cutting edge coaching so that they can get the best from life, achieve more success, more happiness, wealth, better relationships, better health, and work-life balance, "You have come to the right place." LifeMasteryCollege.com helps those who are successful achieve goals they may have imagined out of reach.

LifeMasteryCollege.com is opening only 50 additional client openings at a reduced price. In addition to numerous other benefits, clients receive bonuses, the ability to submit their questions, and a graduation certificate.

Darryl L. Mobley, a popular life coach and one of the most in-demand Executive Coaches to Fortune 100 executives, formed the LifeMasteryCollege.com life coaching eCourse. Darryl is also publisher of the "How To Create A Life Worth Living" eMagazine (http://www.SuccessSubscription.com), a noted business-building consultant, and top-selling author of books and audio/video programs. Darryl has been called the "Life Acceleration Coach," and is known around the world as the "Bulldog of Work-Life Balance."

LifeMasteryCollege.com provides 52 weeks of One-on-One instruction from Darryl L. Mobley and other experts during which they provide clients with the same life-enhancing material, advice and Socrates-inspired instruction that they provide the top-level and high-paying clients in their Executive Coaching practices.

Each week, http://www.LifeMasteryCollege.com sends clients a special email containing the private links to the personal coaching and guidance AUDIO messages and exercises. Clients can click and listen (and Re-Listen) to each weekly breakthrough life mastery lesson as many times as they wish and when it is most convenient to them. Clients are able to download special materials, take notes, send follow-up questions, do the exercises, and uncover the A-Ha's that will accelerate the greatness in their lives.

People of every age and situation have taken the powerful http://www.LifeMasteryCollege.com eCourse... from teenagers to grandparents, from corporate executives to top-level entrepreneurs, from parents to superstar athletes, from single to married... Surveys prove that the information provided works for every person, no matter their life stage or situation.

As clients move through each week of the course, they will learn:

How To Determine Their Life's Major Goals
How To Make More Money with less effort and less stress
How To Achieve Success in Their Career & Business
How And Why They Must Believe In Themselves
How To Determine What They Want In A Life Partner
The One Question That Can Instantly Improve Their Marriage
The Self-Defeating Words They Must Never Say
How To Change Their Mood
How To Improve Communication In Their Relationship
How And Why They Must Find Opportunities To Be A Leader
How And Why They Must Set Powerful Life Goals
The Secret Behind Casting Their Net On The Right Side
How And Why They Must Get A Grip On Their Powerful "Why"
How To Put The Law Of Attraction To Use In Their Life
How To Get Their Attitude Right
How To Uncover Their Personal Vision And Purpose
How To Move Beyond Self-Imposed Barriers
How To Determine How Great They Want To Be
How To Do What They Enjoy Doing
How To Become Self-Confident
How and Why They Must Schedule "Me Time"
Why They Should Not Try To Impress People
How and Why They Must Expect The Best
How To Stop Settling for Less
How and Why They Must Analyze Their Results
How and Why They Must Stay Away From Dream Stealers
How To Build Rapport With Others
How Achievers and Non-Achievers Are Different
How and Why They Must Compete With Themselves
How and Why They Must Ask for Feedback
How and Why They Must Celebrate Their Successes
The 12 Commandments of a Life Worth Living
How To Avoid Suffering From Scatteration
How To Stop Fearing Failure
And much more.

Achieving meaningful, lasting success requires knowledge backed up by powerful and consistent application of that knowledge. Success is accelerated when the achiever uses a coach. Every great achiever has a coach. Tiger Woods (the world's greatest golfer) has a coach. Michael Phelps (the world's greatest swimmer) has a coach. Every Fortune 100 CEO has a coach. Every great actor has a coach. Every champion has a coach that they can count on. http://www.LifeMasteryCollege.com and its experts acts as a top-quality, affordable and convenient personal coach for 52 straight weeks.

Super-Achievers know that getting support is a MUST, not optional. They understand it is not enough to be a talented person; they must also follow the specific steps that lead to success in life. A person of average talent who applies what they learn from the coaching provided through LifeMasteryCollege.com will achieve much more success and be happier than an extremely talented person who only sporadically applies certain success principles.

Why achievers join http://www.LifeMasteryCollege.com :

They need the most powerful success strategies available.
They need tested and proven materials, assessments, programs and resources.
They want to maximize their efforts.
They want 1-to-1 coaching with and mentoring for a fraction of normal cost.
They want to leverage your actions to multiply your results.
They want to learn from world leaders in life coaching and success, because these folks have "been there, done that" and can show members how.
They need a plan, a system, accountability, "momentum maintenance" so they don't slow down once they are on the right track.

Darryl L. Mobley is creator of http://www.LifeMasteryCollege.com life coaching with clients across the U.S. and in foreign countries. As a leading life & executive coach, and a highly sought after speaker, Darryl presents around the world on success, personal development, marketing, leadership, relationships, family, work/life balance, parenting, and personal branding. Darryl has been cited as the "greatest life coach in the world." Darryl is a West Point graduate, a former Army Officer, a former corporate executive, and a successful entrepreneur. He is also married and a father. http://www.DarrylMobley.com


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