Data Security And Computer Recycling - New Machine Helps With Safe Disposal Of Corporate Electronic Waste

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For corporations looking to safely dispose of electronic waste, and recycle computers in a way that complies with both electronic recycling laws and data security laws, there is a new machine to help do the job. The Guardian, now available from, allows hard drives from old computers to be removed and crushed in less than 15 seconds, rendering the data useless, decreasing corporate liability and helping to keep customer data private when disposing of old computers.

Corporations and other organizations these days tend to work with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of computers. During the life cycle of these computers, the data is on the hard drives is generally protected by computer security experts on staff. But what happens when these computers become obsolete (or broken) and have to be disposed of?

A new company, is offering a solution to help corporations make sure that the existing data on their hard drives is rendered unusable at the time of disposal. The Guardian hard drive destroyer is a portable hard drive destruction kit weighing just 140 lbs which plugs into a standard 120v, 3 prong grounded outlet and can be located in the IT department of any corporation, business or organization.

"We see that new electronics recycling laws are making the handling of electronic waste an important issue to many businesses" says Glen Johnson, a publicist for the site. "Combined with laws on consumer privacy, we see that there is a real need for effective ways of getting rid of old computers which may have customer data, trade secrets, private corporate emails and other important data. We want to be at the forefront of electronic waste, helping both large corporations and individuals dispose of their old computers in a way that is safe data security wise and environmentally responsible. Our machine makes it simple for anyone to pull out the hard drive of an old computer and punch a large hole in it which renders data unusable. Then the other components of the old computer can be safely recycled, resold, refurbished, or disposed of."

With billions of computers in use worldwide, and technology advancing everyday, Johnson sees a big market for this machine. "We are hoping to work with large chain electronics retailers who, in some states, take computers from consumers as part of the deal when purchasing a new computer. A machine like ours will help put customer minds at ease because they can see first hand that their old data is destroyed. We think something like this could be a nice incentive and may be a competitive advantage to attracting customers who are in the market for a new laptop or desktop computer."

"We see this being a standard piece of equipment in the corporations of the present and future. It is, after all, a matter of corporate ethics to take care of customer data on old hard drives. Also, no one wants to be a part of the next corporate scandal involving careless disposal of data or breaches of data security. In the long run, organizations dealing with lots of computers are going to find that investing in our machine is way cheaper than the alternatives" says Johnson.

You can see a 2 minute video demonstration of this nifty little machine in action at

You can also request a quote for price and shipping, plus get detailed specifications on the machine. 

Our company now offers international shipping.


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