Do Global Financial Markets need an "Injection of Testosterone" or More Money to Restore Confidence?

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An analysis of scientific data on financial market behavior and Testosterone levels was recently done by Karlis Ullis, MD while doing research for his new book Super T 2 . Some findings include: Extreme financial market volatility and "plunging global markets" are likely producing plunging-lower Testosterone levels with cortisol elevations in many men and women. Restoration of Testosterone levels to least normal or to a high-normal range may help to promote financial and personal survival.

Karlis Ullis, M.D. for his new book Super T 2, (update of his 1999 book Super T), did an analysis of the scientific data on financial market behavior and Testosterone levels.

Some findings include: Testosterone (T) levels in men are variable and fluctuate greatly in response to environmental events, stress and other stimuli. Extreme market volatility with "plunging global markets" is likely producing greatly lowered T levels along with cortisol elevations in many men and even women. Testosterone levels need to be measured. Restoration to at least normal or to a high-normal range may help regain personal confidence and financial survival.

A study of male floor traders in London in real working conditions was done by researchers Coats and Herbert (Proc Natl Acad Sci; USA 2008, April). They concluded that a male's morning T level predicted his "day's profitability". Which is similar to the "winner's effect". The "winner's effect" studies have shown that that fans of winning teams have higher T levels than losers and keep going higher if winning continues. Higher cortisol levels were correlated with higher risk and market volatility in the London traders.

It is possible to stabilize and elevate mood by normalizing T levels for age. This may also decrease the stress and fear factors caused by stress hormones especially cortisol. High cortisol impairs memory, decision making and can lower T levels.

Scientific data can support the concept that the "shameless and criminal greed behaviors" originating at the top decision levels at firms such as Bear Stearns, Lehman, AIG, Citi Bank and others likely had overly high T and Cortisol levels and acted impulsively. Overly high T can correlate with high greed and over-confidence. This "hormonal-mix" may have helped create the disastrous "derivative financial-monsters". These High T - High Cortisol "cheaters" likely knew that credit debt swaps and other such instruments were unregulated worldwide. Now they have become a sideshow for a shadow business compared to standard financial practices (; 60 Minutes, October 5, 2008).

The result now is that many people highly likely are operating in a "low T-panic mode" with low confidence, depression, lack of ability to make rational decisions with high cortisol levels accentuating fear and anxiety.

How Can We Fix a Broken and Bankrupt Financial System?
Global financial gurus are saying spend more Federal money:
1. Take over financial firms - "bail them out"
2. Buy up almost worthless financial debt
3. Stop house foreclosures
4. Create new jobs.
A scientific evidence based hormonal solution is to raise T to normal levels and lower cortisol. T is the primordial Male Survival Hormonal Tool. T also has anti-anxiety and anti-depressant effects, produces greater mental and physical endurance.

Financial leaders, advisors and investors and others who feel depressed in these rough times are advised go to their medical doctors preferably endocrinologists or those who understand T and sex hormone balancing. They need ask for a blood test for Total and Free Testosterone and Estradiol. If the T levels are low for age and there are no medical contraindications T therapy should be considered along with decreasing abnormally high Estradiol. A normal T- level for age can restore confidence, lower depression and promote "durability. It may have more long-term positive effects than just "injecting money". It could produce better decision-making, less anxiety less depression, more mental and physical durability and strength

The Wall Street Journal advice What To Do In Down Market, (Eric Felton, October 10-11, 2008) suggests that analyzing the scotch you may drink. Mr. Felton advises to get good quality Scotch at a good price. However alcohol is "highly estrogenic" and will drive T levels down while escalating Estrogen. All of nature is highly pro-estrogenic. The plant world is full of plant-estrogens such as soy, flax seeds, clover and many herbs. Many environmental toxins are endocrine disruptors and favor the female species. Male fish and other species take on female anatomy and behavior when exposed.

There are no plant androgens - those having Testosterone-like effects in the world!

S. Bhasin, M.D., Professor and Chairman of Endocrinology at Boston University School of Medicine (Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism; 2007) eloquently stated in an editorial that with declining Testosterone and Sperm levels globally we are heading to become a "sterile planet".

1.    The global financial crisis mixed with a highly polluted pro-estrogenic world, which is anti-androgenic (anti-male) is a most serious problem. It is not possible to erase the damage of the endocrine disruption pollution has already produced. Women are not immune to globally elevated estrogen levels. Excess and abnormal estrogens can be related to many different cancers, autoimmune disorders like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, breast cancer and other conditions. Older women (post menopausal) in the financial world and in general also need a Testosterone " check up" and maybe a T-boost.

2. The "financial crisis" needs to be addressed hormonally and environmentally. Otherwise there may be an extreme long lasting financial doom and the world could become sterile and full of cancer.

3. See qualified endocrinologists or other qualified doctors to give back confidence, motivation and endurance to survive using T therapies such as Testim T- gel (Auxillium), AndroGel (Solvay) or compounded T creams, T injections, pellets etc. It is also necessary to do cardio, weight training, meditative exercises and eat high quality lean protein diets.

Karlis Ullis, M.D.
Former Assistant Clinical Professor for 30 years at UCLA Geffen School of Medicine.
Author: Super T, Age Right and The Hormone Revolution Diet.

Medical Director and Testosterone Specialist
Sports Medicine and Anti-Aging Medical Group
Santa Monica, CA 90403


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