Author of New Book Claims You Can Help Fix the Economy By Using The Law of Attraction

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Denise Coates, author of the new book, "Feel it Real! A Guided Approach to Bringing The Law of Attraction Into Your Life", gives five tips to fix the economy by using The Law of Attraction.

Denise Coates, author of the newly released book, "Feel it Real! A Guided Approach to Bringing The Law of Attraction Into Your Life", (from the same publishers of "The Secret") claims that a couple of her Feel It Real! Interactive Coaching Program students recently made it their personal intention to help the U.S. economy thrive once again by using The Law of Attraction to imagine the economy as they wished it to be.

By using Coates' Feel It Real! techniques both students quickly manifested positive news media stories regarding the U.S. economy within a few days of their initial intention. They have since turned this Thriving Economy Intention into a project of theirs on Coates' website,

Coates' experiment of improving the economy by using The Law of Attraction includes a five step process. The five steps are as follows:

Tip #1 -- Stop Watching/Listening/Reading Any Negative Economy News Stories For Thirty Days Straight.

Coates says that in order to get a clear vision for imagining what we do want (In this case a thriving economy), we need to take our focus off of what we don't want long enough to imagine our desire fulfilled. Coates believes that the news media gets higher ratings the more they catastrophize any story. When it comes to the economy, she advises us to go on a mental diet from all the negative stories.

Tip #2 -- Vividly Imagine A Positive News Story Using Currently Popular Newscasters Where They Announce Over And Over How Well The Economy is Doing.

Coates says that by doing this for three minutes a day for thirty days in a row, one can effect powerful change in the economy. She advises one to clearly envision the outfit Diane Sawyer is wearing as she speaks of the 'best economy the U.S. has ever enjoyed" or to see Katie Couric's excitement as she talks about the newly booming economy, etc.

Tip #3 -- Get into the Feeling Place of Already Living in The Best Economy Imaginable right now. Ask yourself What Ten Emotions You Would Feel if You were Living In The Best Economy of All Time.

Coates says that many Law of Attraction teachers don't focus as much attention on the feelings one would have if their desire had manifested, but with her Feel it Real teachings, she believes it's the most important aspect of manifesting one's desires. She advises to write down ten emotions you would feel if the economy was booming (i.e. abundant, safe, ease, flow, security, wealthy, freedom, etc.) and then to notice areas where you already feel these feelings now.

Tip #4 -- Be Grateful For What is Going Right With the Current Economy/Government/Flow of Abundance in The United States. Notice every little and big thing that makes you smile or gives you hope about our economy and government.

Coates is convinced it's an epidemic in our country to focus constantly on what's wrong with everything. What's wrong with our bodies, what's wrong with our health, what's wrong with our mates, what's wrong with our finances, and, of course, what's wrong with our economy.

Her advice? "Every day for the next thirty days, write down three things you appreciate about your economy, your economic structure, your political structure or your country in general. You will notice a shift in your own frequency and moods first and then you will notice the economy reflecting your positive energy back to you."

Tip #5 -- Put a Positive Spin On Why The Economy Was Challenged In The First Place So Your Improved Attitude Raises The Vibration of The Situation.

Coates often quotes Shakespeare on the benefits using a positive spin, "Nothing is good or bad. But thinking makes it so." Coates believes that it's not the events of our lives that make us happy or sad so much as our interpretation of those events. She clarifies that when we can put a positive spin on a challenging situation, we immediately bring a higher vibrational frequency to the table, Her instruction involves writing out several possible positives that could come from this current Ecomomic Challenge(ie "I never really appreciated how prosperous our country was until it felt challenged!" etc.).

Coates believes that as we follow these five tips for thirty days, we'll notice, just as she claims her students have, that real economic shifts take place in the outer world based on our own focus and vibrational signal. "Remember, you are creating your entire reality, including how the economy looks right now in the outer world. You can recreate it in a moment," claims Coates.

Whether Coates' plan will work or not to improve the economy is difficult to gauge and may come across as too simplistic. Either way, her uplifting tips are bound to improve the mood of anyone who chooses to focus their attention on such positive outcomes.

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