Do Fat People Repulse You?

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A taboo question asked online was answered by the world.

The anger is what really is shocking, if it were directed at a race or religion it would be a crime.

Priscilla Houliston knows fat. Tipping the scales at 440 pounds she also knows the emotional pain and shame that can go along with obesity. Writing a simple blog on Yahoo! her inbox became stuffed with thousands of replies when she asked the world the question, "Do Fat People Repulse You?" The replies and posts left her head spinning with everything from hatred and threats to people sending their condolences for poor Priscilla being so obese.

The question is now being picked up on posts worldwide and Priscilla is questioning everything she thought she knew about fat. "The anger is what really is shocking, if it were directed at a race or religion it would be a crime." Houliston said, "But being fat is open season for hatred, hurtful jokes and anyone can get away with it."

It is a topic that she feels has opened up a whole new dialogue on the obesity crisis in America. It has also inspired her to start a website, that will keep asking the question until she hears from both sides of the scale, sharing the comments with her visitors. Even though some of the answers make her skin crawl, Priscilla feels it is vital to read them all to learn someone else's point of view.

Being morbidly obese for more than two decades she stopped sitting on the sidelines of life and started walking to make the impossible happen, covering the entire east coast by foot and pedal power on a journey that lasted for six months in 2007. Though her scale has been going down for almost two years, losing 300 pounds doesn't happen overnight. Her struggle with weight is fought on a daily basis, one meal at a time.

The weight fell off while she was moving but the scale started going the wrong way when she suffered a knee injury, suspending the journey, while bicycling down the west coast of America.

Battling depression, pain from the injury and having her healthy dream snatched from her, Houliston, a 45 year old grandmother turned to writing about her worst fat secrets from the road along with the sheer joy and freedom that came from living on a bicycle, even on the days when she was hit by cars and had to sleep beside the road in a tent she hauled in a trailer behind the bicycle.

Priscilla hopes sharing her intimate story and uncomfortable moments will help fellow overweight people see that anything, even the elusive weight loss, really is possible if you make enough little changes in your life.

Vowing to never diet again, Houliston has discovered that exercise is not the enemy, but rather the secret ingredient that has always been missing from her life. "Cheesecake will still be in my life, but now just a piece and not the whole cake." says Houliston.

Moderation, motivation and movement are the new words she uses and she hopes by telling her side of a personal painful experience battling fat, that the discussions on both her websites will lead to people, both big and small, feeling better about themselves and getting to see the other persons perspective on this touchy taboo subject that is impossible for her to hide any longer.

About Little Changes:
In 2006, Priscilla Houliston launched to share her weight loss journey with the world. Discovered by millions of people worldwide, the journey of Little Changes continues as Priscilla works on shedding her last 100 pounds to "normal" body weight and better health.

Priscilla Houliston
Little Changes Incorporated


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