Understanding why Obesity Control has Failed: New Approach, New Hope For the Future, Thanks to Dr Ben's New Weight Management Concept.

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Obesity is out of control because methods used in weight management are not effective. That's why over 95% of all those who lose weight regain it. Understand why no special diet, no medication or bariatric surgery is required for sustainable weight loss. Any weight loss method that cannot be part of a permanent lifestyle is dangerous and a waste of time and money. Dr Ben's Sustainable Weight Loss & Exercise Medicine Centre Ltd is now open to the general public, providing a new service to empower people to attain their dream health status.

A new service to combat adult and childhood obesity has opened in Manchester from October 2008 to the general public at the 6th Floor, 8 Exchange Quay, Manchester. M5 3EJ. Overweight and obesity problems have shown increasing trends across the globe, with serious medical and economic implications for both the developed and the developing world. This disastrous trend has occurred despite the existence of many different weight management programmes. The message is simple and clear. The current methods of weight management are not effective. This explains why over 95% of all those who lose weight put it back on. What is obvious is that the mechanics involved in the regulation of human body weight has not been understood and the evidence is supported by the statistics.

The Health Survey for England 2005 data shows that15.7% of boys, 12.9 % of girls were overweight, with18.3% of boys and girls obese. According the report, the proportion of children aged 2 -10 classified as overweight and obese in the North West of England, increased from 22.7% in 1995 to 30.9% in 2005;- an increase of 36%. Again a 25% increase was reported for 11 -15 year olds.

The whole world is facing an impending disaster if nothing drastic is done about the obesity problem. Indeed the Foresight Report estimates that if no action is taken, one in five children aged 2 -15 years in England will be obese by 2010 and that males, aged 6-10 years, will
become more obese than females with an estimate of 21% of boys and 14% of girls being obese by 2050.

Data from the Health Survey has been summarized in the table below.

    2004    2010    2015    2050
Man    23.6%    33%    36%    60%
Women    23.8%    28%    28%    50%

According to the predictions by 2050 26% of children and young people will be obese, type II diabetes will rise by 70%, cases of stroke will also rise by 30% whilst coronary hear disease increase by 20%.
The overall economic impact of overweight and obesity problems may be difficult to estimate but direct costs to the NHS of treating overweight and obesity and its consequences is estimated at £1 billion (2.0 -2.3% of NHS expenditure) and the total impact on employment may be as much as £10 billion. Other reports on the economic impact of obesity suggest that in 2002, those who were overweight or obese cost nearly £7bn in treatment, state benefits and indirect costs such as loss of earnings and reduced productivity. In 40 years' time, this figure could reach nearly £46bn, as health services struggle to cope with the ill-health such as type 2 diabetes, cancer and stroke which can be associated with excess weight

Dr Ben's Sustainable Weight Loss & Exercise Medicine Centre Ltd has been born because of the ever increasing incidence of overweight and obesity problems all over the world especially in America and across Europe. Despite many efforts put in by many so called experts the problem continues to escalate. What is obvious is that the methods being employed are simply ineffective. No doubt that over 95 % of all those who lose weight put it back on. Thus weight loss not achieved properly is not worth the effort as it soon returns.
Dr Ben's Sustainable Weight loss programme is a comprehensive interactive programme based on a true understanding of the organizational structure and function of the human body with particular reference to the way the human body was designed. There are set regulations on how the human body regulates its weight. Without a deep understanding on how the body works and applying these principles accordingly, no matter the effort at achieving weight loss, meaningful results cannot be obtained. Unfortunately weight control is in the hands of so called experts who don't really understand the physiology and advising weight loss regimes with strange dietary manipulations which can never work except temporarily.

Overweight and obesity are states of departure from health, and controlling obesity should not plunge the individual into further health crises. Thus any weight loss programme that does not consistently keep the individual healthy at all times is not worthy pursuing. In other words any weight loss programme that cannot be part of a permanent lifestyle is not worth starting.

Man is at an increasing risk of cardiovascular and other chronic diseases simply with increasing age and or increasing weight. Interestingly the right amount of exercise in frequency and intensity provides a lot of health benefit. It needs to be understood that nobody needs any special diet if sustainable weight loss is desired. Similarly drug therapy and bariatric surgery do not treat the cause of obesity and cannot result in a permanent solution to obesity without compromising ones health status.

One of the facts known about the female menstrual cycle is the fact that there is a sharp increase in the concentration of the sex steroid oestrogen before ovulation. This transient rise in oestrogen levels reaching 1310 265 pmol/L compared to the 435  58 pmol/L during the follicular phase. During pregnancy the oestrogen concentrations increase about a 100 fold. Unfortunately the physiological significance of the increase has probably not been fully understood, but clearly such high concentrations are required for the development of all tissues with their accompanying blood vessels: a key function of oestrogen. Thus the integrity and functional status of all tissues and organs of the body including the heart and the cardiovascular system has a link to the sex steroid hormone. Interestingly with increasing age the functional status of oestrogen seem to decline, characterized by reduced sensitivity of the oestrogen receptor due to methylation, and also a change in the ratio of active to inactive oestrogens. This altered state of oestrogenic function with increasing age is associated with the following:

1.    the ability of a women to achieve pregnancy reduces with age and markedly so after 35 years
2.    The risk of miscarriages increases with increasing age
3.    the risk of developmental abnormalities in any pregnancy increases with increasing age
4.    the risk of stroke and other cardiovascular diseases increase with increasing age explaining why women have a generally lower incidence of cardiovascular diseases compared with me of similar ages
5.    risk of overweight and obesity problems increase with age
6.    risk of cancers increase with increasing age
The sex steroid hormone oestrogen has a very important role in regulating the distribution of body fat, by coordinating the transfer of abdominal fat to the buttocks/periphery, thus reducing the risk of heart disease. Unfortunately, obesity is associated with abdominal fat deposition which tends also to be associated with insulin resistance. Insulin resistance also seems to be linked to an impaired oestrogen function leading to an abnormal metabolism of fat and carbohydrate. Nevertheless with the right type of exercise (i.e. at the right intensity and duration) increases in the sensitivity of insulin occur, reversing insulin resistance, and promoting an oestrogen induced redistribution of abdominal fat.

Exercise is known to benefit everyone, by reducing health risks, improving the immune system and preventing /promoting recovery from disease. It is important to understand by what mechanism exercise brings such health benefit. It simply reverses the declining trend in oestrogenic status. Fitness comes through regular training at an intensity over and above a critical level. This critical level of workload seems to be linked with altering the functional status of oestrogen which makes way for an improvement in the sensitivity of insulin. Just as there appears to be a critical level of oestrogen to be attained before there can be an induction of a surge for ovulation to occur, there seems to be a critical level to trigger a functional oestrogenic status before health benefits can be invoked.

Dr Ben's Sustainable Weight Loss Programmes are simply based on the understanding that by enhancing the functional status of oestrogen through exercising at the metabolic threshold stored abdominal fat which poses a serious health risk is removed. Thus by assessing the metabolic threshold of individuals and with the appropriate exercise prescription in combination with the appropriate food intake sustainable weight loss is achievable. Emphasis on keeping within limits of daily energy allowance is the focus of nutritional advice that will ensure that clients enjoy balanced and healthy eating habits. Weight loss is not about avoiding fish and chips or burgers and any other food. The fact that you eat a low fat diet gives no guarantee that you will lose weight.
To substantiate this claim Dr Ben's Sustainable Weight Loss & Exercise Medicine Centre Ltd is involved in programmes that also investigate the profiles of insulin resistance, total antioxidant status, and a general functional status of oestrogen. Other key indicators of health status such as serum cholesterol, body composition, antioxidant status and more are also assessed.

Dr Ben's Sustainable Weight Loss & Exercise Medicine Centre Ltd seeks to provide expert advice on losing weight healthily and sustainably. This company provides counsel for long term lifestyle change involving nutritional advice and an exercise prescription plan that is regularly reviewed. Factors that would limit the objectives of the programme are identified and management measures instituted.
In view of the new understanding, Dr Ben provides programmes for adult and child obesity, as well as for peoples with chronic diseases such Type II Diabetes, Hypertension, arthritis, erectile dysfunction etc.

At long last there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel of overweight and obesity. The future hold very bright for the control of obesity, thanks to Dr Ben's Sustainable Weight Loss & Exercise Medicine Centre Ltd. Please visit http://www.drbenweightloss.com

By Dr Benjamin Dadebo MSc (Sports Med) PhD(Exercise Physiology)


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