HireMeNow.com Survey Finds Job Seekers Don't Fear Discrimination from Video Resumes - Study with Pinnacle Systems Finds More Than ½ Job Seekers Will Create a Video Resume

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99% of job seekers do not fear discrimination in the hiring process as a result of using a video resume, according to a recent study by HireMeNow.com and Pinnacle Systems. The top three barriers to creating a video resume mentioned by job seekers were: camera shyness (30%), not sure what the content should be (25%), and not sure how to use a video device or the technology behind the video resume (21%). The study also found that over half of the job seekers planned on creating a video resume to help them get a job, while only 20% said they were unlikely or very unlikely to create a video resume.

HireMeNow.com, LLC (http://www.HireMeNow.com), an online temporary employment marketplace and pioneer in multimedia recruiting, and Pinnacle Systems, Inc. (http://www.pinnaclesys.com/PublicSite/us/Home/), the consumer division of Avid Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: AVID), revealed today the results of a quantitative study on job seekers and their interest in, and knowledge level of, video resumes.

Of the 475 job seekers surveyed, only 1% of respondents thought that employers might use the video resume to discriminate against the job seeker. The survey was administered at random to job seekers of all demographics, ages, races, shapes and sizes.

"There has been a lot of discussion surrounding video resumes in the press over the last few months," stated Allen Bornstein, president and founder of HireMeNow.com. "One of the main concerns cited has been the potential to discriminate. I'd like to address that head on. Employers do not conduct interviews in a confessional. Management relies on their staff to hire the most qualified candidates available to them and comply with all EEOC regulations (http://www.eeoc.gov/abouteeo/overview_practices.html) and related policies. Because companies must follow those policies, we do not believe a video resume will encourage discrimination."

For more information on the stance HireMeNow.com is taking on the discrimination issue, and to state your opinion, go to http://www.HireMeNow.com/ta/link/VideoResumeNoDiscrimination.

Bornstein continued, "There are so many advantages to a video resume, especially in today's challenging economic environment. For hiring managers, video resumes save a lot of time and money by speeding up the hiring process. For job seekers, knowing an employer wants to meet with them after viewing their video resume offers comfort that they are not going to waste time and money (gas or transit) -- they've made the first cut. As a result, we strongly believe that the video resume or VINTRO as we call it -- short for video introduction -- is one of the most important developments in HR this century!"

John Pineda, president of Fidelity Mortgage Direct Corp (http://www.gofidelitydirect.com), from his nationwide headquarters in Orlando, FL stated, "What a revolutionary concept! We contacted HireMeNow.com with an opportunity. We wanted to expand our Branch Level offices to Nationwide Super Centers and we asked whether HireMeNow.com could provide us with 30 job candidates within a week. HireMeNow.com's unique online system was able to identify promising candidates immediately through side-by-side, standardized comparisons of qualifications and experience. Then my hiring managers were able to view VINTROs of these candidates, which helped us to immediately figure out whether or not they would work well within the dynamics of Fidelity Mortgage Directs' unique environment; the VINTROs showed us their personalities, enthusiasm and professionalism. As a result, HireMeNow.com made the task of transforming and expanding our offices efficient and smooth. HireMeNow.com has changed our entire recruiting platform by providing us with an indispensible tool in the hiring process - the VINTRO!"

The top three barriers to creating a video resume mentioned by job seekers were: camera shyness (30%), not sure what the content should be (25%), and not sure how to use a video device or the technology behind the video resume (21%). Only 1% of respondents thought the cost would be too much.

Bornstein said, "We understand that not everyone will be comfortable creating a VINTRO. So, although we do believe that a VINTRO gives them the best chance to get hired, we developed an alternative - the AudioIntro (http://www.hiremenow.com/ta/link/AudioIntro10072008). Simply put, we add an audio recording to a still photo (or placeholder silhouette) of the job candidate. It mimics what a VINTRO does in both content and emotion - the audio recording picks up inflections in the voice that will denote personality and enthusiasm. Plus it eliminates two of the biggest barriers to creating a VINTRO: camera shyness and technology. Of course it is all automated and free to HireMeNow.com job candidates."

The study also found that over half of the job seekers planned on creating a video resume to help them get a job, while only 20% said they were unlikely or very unlikely to create a video resume. This was in response to a question from a previous HireMeNow.com study (http://www.hiremenow.com/ta/link/VideoResumeSurvey01152008 released in January 2008), noting that four out of five hiring managers would like to view a video resume in conjunction with a written profile.

"Job candidates' openness to creating a video resume is impressive considering that just under 70% of the respondents had not heard of a video resume prior to the survey," continued Bornstein. "With a brief explanation of what it was and why it was important, job seekers realized the value quite quickly."

More education in how to create a video resume is needed for job seekers. In comparing this survey to the prior HireMeNow.com survey (http://www.hiremenow.com/ta/link/VideoResumeSurvey01152008), the majority of managers want to see a video resume that is one minute or less, while job candidates are generally guessing as to what duration is needed.

Bornstein stated, "We continually tell HireMeNow.com job candidates they must try to keep their video resumes under one minute in length and use that short time to get across to the hiring manager what makes them stand out over and above all the other candidates. The video resume should also be simple and professional -- one they can create themselves, at very low cost, and from the comfort of their home. Job candidates can easily create a video using a camcorder, a digital camera -- even a camera phone. And with easy-to-use video editing software like the free VideoSpin™* application from Pinnacle Systems, there is no need to hire a professional."

"The results of the survey show a real interest in creating video resumes with video editing software (48%)," said Tanguy Leborgne, Pinnacle Systems vice president of worldwide marketing. "We developed VideoSpin to make creating and sharing videos virtually foolproof and fun. After downloading the free software at http://www.videospin.com, even first-time users can create great-looking videos in just minutes."

About HireMeNow.com        
HireMeNow.com (http://www.HireMeNow.com) is the new, multimedia model for recruiting in the 21st century. It is an innovative combination of a self-service online temporary staffing firm and a professional and secure place for job candidates to post personal profiles, including VINTROs™, or video resumes, and AudioIntros. At HireMeNow.com, companies seeking temporary help connect directly with workers seeking temporary or contract assignments. Unlike typical job boards, HireMeNow.com fulfills the traditional role of an employment agency, placing the temporary workers on its payroll, and handling all taxes and insurance. Clients do not have to pay to post jobs; they only pay for hours actually worked by the candidates they find on HireMeNow.com. HireMeNow.com believes it can bring the temporary staffing industry completely online, in a model that replicates the success of online travel booking - hiring companies can simply plug in their candidate criteria, execute a simple search, find the temporary or contract worker that fits their job posting and hire them - quickly, easily and efficiently. For more information go to http://www.HireMeNow.com or call 1-888-440-HIRE.

About Pinnacle Systems, Inc.
Pinnacle Systems, Inc., a division of Avid Technology, Inc., is an industry leader in providing a complete set of home video editing and TV viewing tools for the consumer market. The company's product lines including Pinnacle PCTV™*, Dazzle®*, Pinnacle ShowCenter®*, and its flagship Pinnacle Studio™* line, cover the needs and requirements of any level of video storytellers or consumers who simply want to enjoy TV from their computer. Pinnacle Systems has received nine prestigious Emmy®* Awards for its technical innovations and carries the commitment to help consumers enhance, preserve and share their memories with ease. For more information, visit http://www.pinnaclesys.com. For tips, tricks and techniques on all Pinnacle Systems' solutions go to Pinnacle Life (http://www.pinnaclesys.com/PublicSite/us/PinnacleLife/).

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