Fat Loss Tips for Busy Professionals: Lack of Time Excuses Blasted

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Australian Fat Loss Expert Daniel Munday has tips that even the busiest of professionals can follow to ensure that they are burning fat in less time than it takes to check their emails.

Australian Fat Loss Expert and creator of the Aussie Fatblast Success System, Daniel Munday, has boldly come out and claimed that busy professionals no longer have an excuse not to exercise thanks to the ever increasing research that supports the fat loss benefits of shorter, intense workouts when compared to the traditional longer aerobic training exercise that was popular in the past.

Australian research has supported the theory that you don't need the traditional one hour exercise time window to get fat loss results by stating that at least three times greater fat loss results are possible when using interval training.

Munday says "for too long busy professionals have used the not enough time in the day excuse to avoid training and it simply does not stack up anymore".

People can get great fat loss results in as little as 20 minutes or day, or even less, by implementing the following simple tips.

  •     Choose interval training as your preferred fat loss success tool (interval training involves alternating periods of high intensity work efforts followed by a recovery period, usually longer than your work effort.
  •     Pick from the "big bang for your buck" exercises that use more than just one muscle such as Push Ups, Squats, Rows and Deadlifts. "Isolating muscles for fat loss just doesn't cut it anymore. You are just wasting precious workout time" states Munday.
  •     Minimise rest periods so you can spend the majority of your workout training hard and working up a sweat. You can do this by alternating upper and lower body exercises.
  •     Avoiding exercises like crunches and sit ups that are only going to destroy your already overworked back muscles. "I've realised that people who work in offices spend their entire day sitting at their desks or on their commute to and from work. This places a terrible amount of stress on your lower back and just compresses your already overworked muscles even further. Give them the boot and your back pain will cease" continues Munday.
  •     Reducing or eliminating as much as possible our ever increasing reliance on processed foods and reverting back to a diet that focuses on fresh vegetables, fruit and meat products. "People who stop eating any foods that contain wheat and gluten, which is most processed foods, can experience an almost instant relief to your bloated belly woes. These foods are just not compatible with most peoples digestive system".
  •     Scheduling a 30 minute window in your diary every day. This allows you time to get changed, warm up and get a sweat on as well as stretching down to maximise injury prevention.

Munday wraps up by stating that the tips mentioned above can easily allow the busy professional to get back into a training routine in less time than it takes to check your emails. "By implementing these workout suggestions you will finally be able get the fat loss results that you deserve while actually training less than you previously though possible".

Daniel Munday is a Fitness Conditioner and Fat Loss Expert based in Sydney, Australia. He gives busy professionals the fat loss results that they deserve and has just released the Aussie Fatblast Success System to enable other busy professionals from around the world to access these fat loss secrets from Down Under. You can find out more information at http://www.aussiefatblast.com or by emailing Daniel at Daniel@aussiefatblast.com

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