Explosive Documentary Series Details Persecution Against Christians in America

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The new season of “Speechless,” debuts on INSP – The Inspiration Network beginning Saturday, October 25, 2008 at 9:00PM Eastern.

The special web site we created has served as an ongoing forum

A mother on the verge of losing her daughter in part because of her Christian faith. A student leader receives death and rape threats after she opposes the school’s liberal feminist policies. A University of Toledo human resources executive and a corporate fraud investigator at a Fortune 100 company are fired for giving opinions based on their faith – outside the workplace. A social work student at Missouri State University is told that she must violate her conscience or give up the chance to work in her chosen field.

These are just snapshots of the nationwide abuses against Christians being profiled in “Speechless,” the series carried on INSP – The Inspiration Network. Produced in a partnership between The Inspiration Ministries and the American Family Association, the new season of the original, weekly series debuts on INSP on Saturday, October 25, 2008 at 9:00PM EST. Renowned author and radio personality Janet Parshall hosts.

“We live in a country where religious freedoms are guaranteed, yet in the rush to encourage ‘tolerance,’ basic freedoms are being violated with massive discrimination and unprecedented abuse,” said Ron Shuping, Executive Vice President of Programming for Inspiration Ministries. “The nationwide response to the first season of this series was shock and outrage.”

“The intimidation used by government, corporations and other entities to silence Christians just because they are Christians is a serious threat to freedom,” said American Family Association President Tim Wildmon. “The irony is that the modern-day liberal political correctness permeating our society preaches tolerance and diversity for all voices with the one exception of those voices that come from a traditional Christian perspective.”

The first episode of the new season showcases the high-profile case of Lisa Miller, a mother who faces losing her daughter to her former lesbian partner even though civil unions are not legal where she lives. The show will detail how Miller’s faith is being used against her in this precedent-setting custody battle that pits state against state.

The first season of “Speechless” aired on INSP beginning in March. Shuping said that it seemed to strike a chord with the viewing audience. “We found a hunger for the truth. The stories are so incredible that many people simply believe this is all hype or politics, that it couldn’t possibly be true. But every story is true. They simply are being swept under the rug, or ignored.”

In addition to INSP’s nationwide television audience, series episodes have spread virally throughout the Internet. “There have been more than 1.3 million visitors to the special web site that we created (http://www.silencingchristians.com). On average, visitors have viewed more than 4 videos during each visit.” Shuping noted that, since the debut of the series, INSP distribution has more than doubled, with the addition of distribution through DIRECTV and DISH Network. “We are expecting an even greater response to the new episodes.”

Shuping said that the series was not politically motivated, but that it is a thoughtful, well-researched series. “We deal in carefully documented facts. This is one of the major news stories of our time, yet the facts, and their implications, largely have been ignored by the mainstream news media. In our series, viewers will see actual events. What people actually said. What actually is being done.”

“We are seeing actions that would have shocked our Founding Fathers, who gave their lives that we might be free. Even though Christians are the solid majority in America, a small number of activists, judges, and advocacy groups have conducted a brutal campaign to re-shape our society, and reinterpret our Constitutional values. History is being ignored and even re-written. The pendulum has swung far past balance. Actions and laws that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago are becoming reality on a daily basis.”

Shuping noted that these stories often are treated as emotional hype. “Christians and Christian beliefs have been portrayed as backward and biased. Yet these are the very values that were the foundation for our country, and the basis for our laws, our Constitution, and our very existence. It simply is time for the truth to be told.”

The series features such personalities as U.S. Senator Jim DeMint, Clemson University professor J. David Woodard, noted author Ann Coulter, Michael Marcavage, and other respected authorities.

Shuping notes that this is an ongoing issue, and that Americans, of all political persuasions, need the facts, and need to be encouraged to exercise their basic freedoms. “The special web site we created has served as an ongoing forum,” Shuping said. “This site is connecting people to their representatives in Congress and alerts them when important issues arise. We want the site to be a destination to empower and educate viewers after they watch the series. But we also encourage people to respond to this series, to send their own comments on these issues, and to share their own experiences.”

INSP is available in more than 55 million U.S. households via more than 2,400 cable systems and on DIRECTV channel 364 and DISH Network channel 259. “Speechless” also airs on the network i-Lifetv – Inspirational Life Television – Fridays at 9:30PM Eastern. Viewers can check their local program guides for channel line up information.

LeAnne Burnett Morse is the Executive Producer of the series.

About Inspiration Ministries:
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About The American Family Association:
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