The Ultimate Act of Love

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Join the fray to save humanity from its self and the destructive side of its animal nature.

When I sat down to write this book

"Like some of our animal brethren," writes author, Sir E.J. Drury II in his newest book, A Different Kind of Sentinel, "have we been endowed with a sixth sense, the ability to imagine--to see a mental image of something not present to the senses or never before wholly perceived in reality. Yet we find it hard to imagine why anyone in his right mind would want to see things that aren't there."

"When I sat down to write this book," claims Drury, "I stood on the precipice of utter darkness," until he runs into his soul, on the way to work, one morning. Having been invited up to her room, "one," he adds, "with an amazing view," does the author proceed "to have intercourse with her in a way no two human beings ever could."

"As I sat there," continues Drury, "poking around in the fire of my heart's desires, with a stick," he grows uncomfortable with the feelings he has stirred up. Fearful of letting the beast in him take over, he jabs the stick, "quickly in and out of the coals, before plunging it all the way into the fire and letting go of it."

"Gone was the fire that burned between us," states the author. "Gone, too, were the two of us," for in their place stood, for just an instant, "an invincible being of neither sex," before it returned to its former glory as the author in search of soul.

Such was the nature of the author's first encounter with soul in years. "For is not the ultimate act of love," asks Drury, "to create consciousness--to free our humanity from the fetters of a purely instinctive response?"

To this end, has Drury dedicated his life and now this book, that its readers "might decide to join the fray to save humanity from its self and the destructive side of its animal nature."

"Imagine that!" concludes the author.

A Different Kind of Sentinel by Sir E.J. Drury II. Second edition, revised. 6 x 9, 288 pages, including index. ISBN 978-0-9797023-1-0. $24.95. Now available at See our pressroom for a 300 dpi TIFF of the cover.

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