Halloween Damage Control: Toronto Personal Trainer Reveals How To Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

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Five helpful tips from a fitness expert on preventing weight gain at Halloween.

Canadians will spend over 250 million dollars on candy in the month of October. But what about the cost to their health and their waistlines? When you consider that more Canadians than ever are overweight, this represents a true Halloween horror story.

To help Canadians stay on track, and prevent Halloween from being the start of 'holiday weight gain,' Toronto Fitness Professional and owner of Evolution Fitness, Conor Kelly, shares his Five Tips For Weight Control at Halloween:

1. Eat a lean protein and complex carbohydrate before eating sweets to minimize the impact on blood sugar. Because your body needs more time to digest lean proteins and complex carbs, eating these first will slow down the absorption of the sugar. The resulting impact on blood sugar will be less, and require less of an insulin response. Elevated insulin levels contribute to fat storage and a residual drop in energy. By getting that healthy meal in first you'll not only curb your hunger for the sweets and reduce their impact, but you'll help yourself avoid the energy 'crash' that usually comes with sugar consumption.

2. Eat a healthy snack or a small meal before your Halloween party so you'll be less tempted by the party food. This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you're not as hungry when you arrive at your Halloween party, then you'll be less likely to overeat. It's important to make yourself aware of what you're doing, as often at parties we tend to continue eating even after we're full, just because it's a social thing to do. Try to stay present and really get engaged in what's happening around you, so you're not just absent-mindedly putting food in your mouth.

3. Buy your candy at the last minute to avoid eating it ahead of time. Sounds pretty simple, right? If you want to avoid candy don't keep it in the house! For most people getting in shape requires major lifestyle changes, which aren't always easy to make. So you should try to remove obstacles to success wherever you can. One way to do that is to wait until the last minute to buy your Halloween candy, and then when Halloween is over, set a deadline to get rid of any left over candy that hasn't been eaten.

4. Suck, don't chew. Choosing candy you can suck on is a better bet than things like M&M's and chocolate bars that you can go through quickly. Not only do they last longer, but they are generally lower in calories. More importantly, while the hard candy is dissolving you can't stuff your mouth with other stuff! Since you're probably going to partake anyway, better to have something sweet that will last you longer and let everyone else rack up the calories!

5. Do a fat-blasting interval training workout. Interval training involves short intense periods of work alternated with a longer low-intensity or recovery period, such as brief stints of running alternated with walking. Doing your workout this way has been shown to burn more calories, not just when you work out, but up to 24 hours afterwards. This is due to the intense nature of the training and the calories your body requires in recovery. You can run up a hill, then walk down, or for a low impact alternative try alternating fast and slow periods on a stationary bike.

For additional weight loss, health and fitness guidance, all Canadians are invited to visit the Evolution Fitness website http://www.personaltrainerstoronto.com. Mr. Kelly routinely posts workout videos, nutrition advice, and motivational stories on both the website and his blog.

Note To Editor: Conor Kelly is the owner of Evolution Fitness, and a Toronto personal trainer with over 14 years involvement in the fitness industry. He has been featured in Viva Magazine and on CTV's Canada AM, and is a recognized motivational speaker, having presented at top Toronto corporations such as CIBC, RBC Dominion Securities, and Maple Leaf Canada. Conor is available for candid and informative interviews on health and fitness. He can be reached directly at (416) 220-7883.


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