DocuLex Archive Studio Software Adds Automated Information Management for Nassau County Building Department

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DocuLex Archive Studio software provides automated information management for government agency construction services provider via easy to use workflow automation and instant document access.

DocuLex ( announces the utilization of the company's Archive Studio content management software by government agency construction services provider Nassau County Building Department, providing the organization with automated information management.

The Building Department for Nassau County, Florida, does as one would expect - it enforces Florida building codes both commercial and residential.

Easy, right? Not when you are talking about 650 square miles in sunny Florida!

The Challenge:
Each and every structure in Nassau County must be reviewed by the Department, issued a permit and inspected. Ultimately, the aggregated information is to be reported to the Board of County Commissioners.

For over 30 years, the Department has been accumulating paper documents for each building in the county. The documents are all shapes and sizes, and generally include hardcopy plans and architectural drawings, inspection tickets, permit copies, miscellaneous communications and any other documentation that may be associated with the property. For a single hospital, the documents can number in the hundreds.

By 2005, five large buildings, scattered in different locations, were dedicated to storing these documents. The need to convert and archive these documents in a more manageable fashion became quite clear when many started to fade, yellow, and degrade in overall quality. In addition, Building Department employees were facing up to a 10 minute or longer drive in search of a piece of documentation that needed to be retrieved.

The Solution:
After careful evaluation of the product and in-depth review of its strong existing customer base, Whitey Moran, Nassau County's Building Official selected Archive Studio by DocuLex ( The Archive Studio package includes various components, including Goby Capture and WebSearch. For the Department, Goby captures, indexes and archives their documents digitally. By utilizing DocuLex WebSearch, the Department was able to effectively manage these documents online.

Said John Crowder, Director of Support Services for the Building Department, "We needed to find an economical and reliable way to convert these documents to a digital format and manage them over the Web using some of our existing equipment. Additionally, quality control is very important to us. The DocuLex Archive Studio software does not need to be housed on every department PC locally, so we are able to centralize the capture process and simply provide someone a URL to access the required documents."

The process of getting millions of unwieldy documents into a manageable electronic format with DocuLex Goby simply entails the use of a barcoded sheet, added to the stack of documents to be scanned. The sheet contains custom index metadata per the Department's specifications. This can include property ID number, permit number, year, city, if the property is residential or commercial - anything relevant to that property that makes for fast and easy retrieval of its information. While scanning a batch, the software assists the scanner in accommodating varying document sizes and specifies needed image enhancements to be performed to achieve the best image possible. The software then takes the scanned image file, OCRs it, and automatically files a fully searchable PDF according to the barcode specifications.

The Department then employs the power of DocuLex's WebSearch, a content management software included in the Archive Studio package, for use on the back end of the capture process. After the PDF documents have been filed by Goby Capture, WebSearch enables fast access to these documents online through any number of search parameters. The Building Department's staff can now easily search for and retrieve any document and fulfill the document request by forwarding a URL to the user, making the 650 square mile area no longer an issue.

The Results:
"The Building Department documents must be maintained in good condition. By integrating the DocuLex software, we are able to ensure that these documents are available and readable to anyone that needs to review them," commented John. "The Archive Studio solution allowed us to make use of our existing scanning equipment, with relative ease. The combination of Goby Capture and WebSearch enables us to quickly and accurately retrieve our electronic documents. When I receive an inquiry, I simply refer the requestor to a web link that allows them to access and print the document on demand. Not having to reproduce hardcopy documents is proving to be a substantial cost savings for the Department. Even better, the software does all the filing for us. This feature greatly reduces the potential for document misfiling due to human error. We have found the software to be intuitive, reliable and fast. As a result, we have been able to tackle a lot of the back-file conversion that we did not anticipate getting to for quite some time."

About DocuLex:
Established in 1996, DocuLex provides industry acclaimed document management software. DocuLex's complete solution addresses the business need to effectively manage scanned documents, electronic files and email. DocuLex software is utilized by a wide range of industries, and has a user base that includes everything from small businesses, departments within companies to enterprise-wide installations. Achieve instant document access - anytime, anywhere. For information, visit


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