Kathy Bee's Song Promoting "Unity" Attracts Hundreds Of YouTube Viewers

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Kathy Bee's "I'M AN AMERICAN" Music Video gains viewers and patriotic supporters. The primary theme Bee wants to convey is unity, regardless of who wins the election.

Great! I loved it! You should be out on the campaign trail singing it!

Singer/Songwriter Kathy Bee's song, "I'M AN AMERICAN", receives five stars and accolades from both Democrats and Republicans. Hundreds of people have viewed the newly posted site and hundreds of e-mails have arrived in Kathy Bee's inbox, from both Republicans and Democratic Parties commenting:

"I'm speechless, this is so great, if only you could get it on every radio everywhere, this needs to be shared. It is so great to know you and enjoy your talent. You give it all back to your country, your family and friends and all in the name of God. May God bless," wrote Shirley.

"I can't say enough about your video on YouTube. It is wonderful. The song is wonderful and you couldn't sing it better. I sent it to all my friends," wrote George.

"Great! I loved it! You should be out on the campaign trail singing it!" wrote Vickie.

"Kathy, The song is awesome. Thanks So much!" wrote Queen, Betty Bey, Silver Foxes.

"Sweetie... I'm so proud of you! You just keep going and going and going!" wrote MC.

"The most important factor for the race to the White House is not who wins," said Kathy Bee. "It is important that the American people get behind the victor and quickly unite as 'One Nation, Under God, Indivisible', promoting our commonalities and working on our differences, in a peaceful and loving manner. I believe in Unity. People all over the World are watching and learning from us!"

The YouTube link to "I'M AM AMERICAN" is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNrwBqkHee4


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