Ladbrokes Poker festival - Beat The Team Was a Great Success - Won by eliman from Russia

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The online poker festival at goes from strength to strength as it reaches day 5. The Beat the Team event was one of the most heavily subscribed yet. The winner of Beat the Team will now play in the Masters Event on Nov 22 for a place in the semi finals of Poker Million VII. Today it's the turn of the LEOCOP Second Chance Plus a $200 +20 NLHE 2nd Chance PLUS.

The Beat the team event has been the most heavily subscribed of the festival so far, but we knew it would be popular. We all had a laugh and some good banter on the tables and the event epitomised what Ladbrokes is about online poker and community.

The Beat the Team tournament saw the largest number of players log on for a LEOCOP IV event so far. Four hundred and ninety nine players lined up to play against Ladbrokes Poker's finest - our sponsored pros. Nightmare calls and hellish raises were the order of the day as players battled to secure the incremental bounties which ranged from $200 - $3000 and the bragging rights of knocking out some big names on the worldwide poker circuit.

First to claim a $200 scalp, sponsored pro 'skalie' a WSOP final tablist, was 'Push73' followed by 'princessaces' the winner of yesterday's DADDY 1 tournament who did not make it to the final table but won 'ROYTHEBOY' bounty of $300. The final table saw 'laddog' leave first with $335.50 after the flop, turn and river did not save him against pocket 7s. His exit was shortly followed by '1875' who ran into pocket Ks and a few hands later 'Plym legend' left the table after his AJ lost to AK. Seventh place went to 'PYTUPEPOE' when he lost to a nut flush and 6th and a win of $1,207.80 went to 'Razork 8' after his pocket 9s did not hold up against Q10. 'Acid' who won player Collin Lloyd's $3000 bounty, the last of the night, finished fifth winning $1,476.20 after his J10 lost to AK. Acid was swiftly followed by another bounty winner brimolko who left the tournament in 4th.

"The Beat the team event has been the most heavily subscribed of the festival so far, but we knew it would be popular. We all had a laugh and some good banter on the tables and the event epitomised what Ladbrokes is about online poker and community." said Edward Ihre, MD of Ladbrokes Poker.

When play got down to the final three players tightened up, 'lurvelegg' left the tournament in third place winning $2,818.20. Heads-Up play commenced after seven hours and forty five minutes. Play loosened up as both 'GreenMan1' from Basingstoke and 'eliman' vied for first place. This honour was eventually bestowed on 'eliman' from Sosnovyi Bor, Russia who wins $6,710.

Edward continued: "This tournament is brilliant value and great fun. It has to be said that the surprise of the night was both dart players Colin Lloyd 'Jaws180' and PDC World Champion John Part outlasting the majority of the pros."

Below is a list of the bounties, when they went out, who knocked them out and the prize - 1st being the first bounty to go out.

Position went out                Bounty Name                            Prize winner             Prize
1st                                     skalie (Jon Kalmar)                    PUSH73                    $200
2nd                                    ROYTHEBOY (Roy Brindley)     princessaces             $300
3rd                                    JaffaCake (Jeff Kimber)            Maddie84                    $400
4th                                    U_Can_Try (Pasi Heinanen)     Murphtech                 $500
5th                                    Nebuchad (Jonas Danielsson) eliman                         $650
6th                                 MGR-EDWARD (Edward Ihre) stevied                    $800
7th                                    _Theah_ (Andreas Hoivold)     Sinbad01                    $900
8th                                    Darth Maple (John Part)             brimolko                    $1,250        
9th                                  Pokergirl1 (Morten Erlandsen) HectorMcG                $2,000
10th                                    Jaws180 (Colin Lloyd)             Acid                            $3,000

The Final table

eliman                                    1                        $6710
GreenMan1                        2                        $4294.4
lurvelegg                            3                        $2818.2
brim olko                            4                        $2013
Acid                                    5                        $1476.2
Razork 8                            6                        $1207.8
PYTUPEPOE                    7                        $939.4
Plym legend                        8                        $671
1875                                    9                        $469.7
laddog                             10                        $335.5


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