"Red Suit" Survey and Statistics Reveal More Santas Working in '08 than Ever Before

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Release of the "Santa Report," Survey results and statistics plus info on the Economy and Santa. Includes statistics on "Who is the average Santa" and facts about the "Hardest Working Man in Retail!" this holiday season.

Who is the Man in the Red Suit? What is the 'Economy' doing to him this holiday season?
A survey of Santas across America gives some insight into the man sitting in your local mall or appearing at that community tree lighting.

Results also report that Santa will be out in more locations in 2008, than ever before.

Moreover, Santa has been worried because many children have been hearing the 'E' word. And unfortunately, in this case, it doesn't stand for ELMO.

They are hearing the word "economy."

According to Tim Connaghan, of the Kringle Group, LLC and head of the "Red Suit Society," Children everywhere are worried.

Connaghan, who also runs one of the nation's largest Santa Schools, annually conducts his "Red Suit Survey" with Santas across America. In compiling the 2008 statistics he also found that there are many new worries from the children this year.

In the past few months, many children have been over-hearing their parents mentioning the "E" word. Usually it is in hushed discussions where sometimes, the words holiday, Christmas, Santa Claus and presents are also mentioned.

As a result, Santa has been hearing that due to that word, "Economy," some children are worried he might not be around this year, or that he may be delayed.

Connaghan says that rumor needs to end now, today.

All children should know that the economy will not stop Santa.

Santa will be out there this year, and families can feel comfortable knowing that he will be in more places than ever before.

And from many surveyed, Santa's calendar is quite full. Many community Santas are completely booked for the season and are having to refer business to others.

Moreover, this year there are five fewer days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. So the demand for Santa is even greater.

Families will find him in his usual station at malls, community gatherings, visiting schools, churches and hospitals, plus hundreds upon hundreds of special events.

Furthermore, Santa has been added to hundreds of new locations across the United States.

For example, Bass Pro Shops has created special five thousand square foot "Santa Wonderlands" in 53 locations across America where Santa will be visiting with fun, crafts and free photos.

Another company, The Picture People, with over 170 locations, has added Santa at select locations where, you can schedule an appointment to have your photos with Santa. Imaging, no waiting in line.

Plus, you will still see Santa in your favorite Parades, Like the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and the City of Los Angeles annual "Hollywood Santa Parade" And, many communities are planning even more special events across the nation.

The City of Los Angeles and Disney Radio are presenting Winterfest, a one-day festival Sunday, November 30, in Hollywood. Thousands of children and families will have a special day, capped by a special concert by Demi Lovato star of Disney's TV-movie, Camp Rock.

So the children and their families, can see the word "economy" is not going to stop Santa. He will be "out there," in more locations than ever before!

But, who is that Santa? Each year, as millions of children take part in the annual ritual of visiting Santa, their parents wonder, who is the Santa sitting the Mall. Who is the man wearing the "Red Suit?"

Where did he come from? Thousands of individuals each year work or volunteer in the "Red Suit." They annually take their places in Malls, Community locations and private events across the continent.

This year, of the estimated 3000 Santas working across America, almost 350 participated in the "Red Suit Survey," containing 70 questions, covering the basic statistics on age, height, and weight, to details on why Santa is "The Hardest Working Man in Retail," this holiday Season.

Full survey information is posted at http://www.thekringlegroup.com, but here are just a few general statistics and facts that you may not have known about Santa:

Age:    59.32 years
Height:     68.68 inches
Weight:     253.69 pounds
Eyes:    58.2% Blue, 17.2% Brown, 19.3% Hazel, 5.3% Green
Where do you work: 48.5 % Malls; 40.3% Private Parties; .08% New; 9.6% Charity Work Only
Married:    90.9% Average of 24.72 years
Children:    2.44
Grand Kids    3.15
Higher Education:    86.2% college Phd or Dr. =3.8%
What is Santa's Favorite Cookie:             Chocolate Chip 55.3%    
What is Santa's Favorite Holiday Song:    Santa Claus is coming to town         21.3 %
What is Santa's Favorite Holiday Movie    Miracle on 34th Street                     49.7%
Santa's Favorite Reindeer:     Rudolph                                             63.4%
What does Santa Drive:     38.6% SUV or Van; 26.6% Pick-up, 24.5% sedan, 2.3% Hybrid,
Does Santa ride a Motorcycle too?:    18.1% ride motorcycles

Everyone can see the cheer and happiness Santa brings to children. But it comes at no small expense.

Here are some of the facts on just how much old St. Nick cheerfully endures. Beyond how many kids have been "naughty or nice," the following are highlights of the 2008 survey:

  •     Twenty-eight percent of Santas have been "wet" on by a child
  •     Every Santa reports they have crying babies. However, 80.9 percent report less than 10% of the babies actually cry.
  •     44 percent are sneezed or coughed on up to 15 times each day
  •     86.9 percent of the Santas are the real thing, no padding!
  •     55 percent of Santas have children step on their boots up to 10 times a day.
  •     93 percent of the Santas have their beard pulled to see if it is real.
  •     61.4 percent of Santas see camera "flash" spots more than 25 times a day (Some Santas have seen so many flashes, they no longer blink!)
  •     38 percent of Santas give between ten and 25% of their time to charity; 6.1 percent between 25% and 50%; 17.5% give more that 50%, and 5.5 percent spend all of their time as Santa working for non-profit organizations and charities.
  •     If Santa could "pimp his sleigh," 61.7 percent would add a GPS


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