Indiagames Saves 50-Plus Percent in Mobile Game Porting Costs Using Javaground's Xpress Suite™

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Javaground's Xpress Suite™ is a comprehensive development and porting solution. It enables easier and faster game development and porting with enhanced game quality. It has enabled Indiagames to reduce its porting costs by a whopping 50%.

For the past 6 years, we have been perfecting the Xpress Suite™ to be the best and most robust mobile development and porting suite in the industry. Our valued clients trust the technology to help them achieve breakthrough results on a consistent basis

Indiagames Ltd, India's number one games publisher and a leading international developer and publisher of mobile games, announced today the benefits of using the Javaground Xpress Suite™ for their mobile games. Indiagames easily transitioned their entire studio of over 200 developers and artists to the Xpress Suite™ in March 2008. Soon after, Indiagames achieved better game quality, a major simplification in process, faster time-to-market and lower overall project costs.

"Our whole team embraced the Xpress Suite™ as a way to dramatically improve productivity and overall game quality which is what Indiagames prides itself on. The same game porting was achieved 50-60% faster than before, thereby increasing our throughput and bringing about savings," said Samir Bangara, COO of Indiagames.

The Xpress Suite™ features a patent-pending technology that allows efficient rule-based porting across handsets with a single unique Java source code. Using the Javaground Xpress Suite™, a single developer can create a mobile application that works on over 1,500 devices in a record time.

"For the past 6 years, we have been perfecting the Xpress Suite™ to be the best and most robust mobile development and porting suite in the industry. Our valued clients trust the technology to help them achieve breakthrough results on a consistent basis," said Alex Kral CEO and co-founder of Javaground.

About Indiagames Ltd
Indiagames Ltd is India's benchmark mobile and online games company and a leading global mobile game publisher. The Company is engaged in publishing and developing games across various platforms including Online and Mobile. Indiagames' products are developed and published across all major technology platforms and are distributed through partnerships with mobile operators in over 75 countries. Indiagames has over 300 employees and offices in Mumbai, London, Los Angeles & Beijing. Internationally the company publishes mobile titles via its IG FUN brand. Key investors include UTV -- India's foremost Media & Entertainment Company, Adobe Inc. and Cisco Systems Inc.

About the Xpress Suite™
The Xpress Suite is the most widely used development and porting environment in the mobile gaming industry. Tens of thousands of SKUs have been created with Xpress and published on operators' decks. The key components of the Xpress Suite™ include the following:

Universal Emulator™. It streamlines the development and debugging of games. It emulates more than 2000 devices (previously profiled), making it possible to test the game in your favorite IDE environment without having to run it on the actual device. It saves developers a huge amount of time and contains many useful debugging and performance analysis features.

Porting Engine™: It automatically generates builds for J2ME and BREW devices from a single source code. Builds generated by this application are customized for the unique constraints and bugs found on each device. Javaground's J2ME-to-BREW converter translates J2ME code into the BREW format. The simple yet powerful rule system allows automatic customization of the features and resources included for each device.

Database: The Javaground Database is central to all the other components of the Xpress Suite. It characterizes all the attributes of thousands of mobile devices. Mobile games are often created for devices with widely varying technical capabilities, and the database assists developers in deciding which game features should be enabled on each device.

Resource Manager: It is used to create, optimize and manage assets. It is used to configure game graphics, animation sequences, palettes, fonts, and multi-lingual translations. The Resource Manager offers sophisticated 2D animation capabilities, as well as graphical optimization tools used for the creation of compact content files.

Level Editor: Game environments constructed in the Javaground Level Editor may consist of background tiles, static scenery objects, and custom movable objects such as characters and items. The level editor supports parallax scrolling and is well suited for the creation of the best side-scrolling platformers, overhead RPGs, isometric games and more. The Level Editor enables game designers to finally include massive and feature rich levels on mobile devices.

Avancys™: It is Javaground's provisioning server. It is used extensively for QA operations and direct-to-consumer distribution. It also makes loading and testing builds on devices effortless.

Free one-month trials are available upon request at Sales at javaground dot com

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About Javaground USA, Inc.
Javaground provides major publishers and developers with development and porting solutions. Javaground is headquartered in Irvine, California with an office in Imola, Italy. Javaground created its powerful Xpress Suite™ to streamline the creation of applications for mobile devices. The Xpress Suite's patent-pending technology allows programmers to create a complete set of ports for a J2ME and BREW game in just a few weeks, considerably faster than with any other solution.

The Xpress Suite™ was chosen to develop and port mobile games with breakthrough quality like God of War that was awarded best action game of 2007 by AT&T, a top 10 seller on Verizon and June 2007's Mobile Game of the Month by IGN.

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