7 Steps to Happiness for this Holiday Season

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These are the steps to living a more fulfilling life according to Sam-Childs.com .By reading this you will get more out of your every day experiences and interactions with others.

and that is 50% of the equation

Happiness is not as hard to find if one applies effort and acceptance of the joy of the "simple" things in our everyday life. Things like family, lovers, pets, and friends. If one appreciates what one has rather than what they don't have, they can find happiness.

"I truly believe that 'happiness' can be found by anyone that is willing to take a chance at finding it. It helps to be a person that always sees the glass as "half-full" and that is 50% of the equation," says Sam Childs, Life Coach and Principal of http://Sam-Childs.Com. "If people are willing to see the best in others and focus what is good in their life they won't fail. I have tried thousands of approaches and this one works."

1.    Focus on Abundance- Focus on what already exists in life that is satisfying and one will never be at a lack for finding things to be happy about. We all have things to be grateful for. Family, friends. Even possessions.
2.    Appreciate - The food on the dinner table. Many people in the world lack this. If one has food, they have sustenance ,and that alone will keep them alive to contribute to the lives of others. Appreciate the family that loves each other. The friends that don't make judgments. The people that show unconditional support.
3.    Give To Get- The more one "gives" the more one "gets". A simple smile is the best example of this. Think of how many times a smile has changed a day for the better. It is the closest bridge between people. Make use of it.
4.    Happiness is Contagious- The more happiness that is spread - through good deeds; simple gestures or contributions will make a happier person.
5.    Keep a List Daily of Things To Be Grateful For- Do this every day and feel will happy . The weather. The friends. The dog at the foot of your bed.
6.    Write All Of The Causes of Unhappiness On a Piece of Paper- Do this. Read it twice. Crumple it up and throw it away. Problem solved. One usually feels a "cleansing" effect when they eliminate all the negatives in life by using this technique.. Focus on the positive and the rest will take care of itself,
7.    Life Is Short - In an an interview with Sean Connery. He said "Every morning you have a choice to make the best of each day or be miserable." Embrace that, and realize that if one lives every day as if it were their last, sooner or later they are going to be right. Walk around with a smile, radiate happiness within, and be the cause and in others.

Sam Childs is a widely recognized as a leading expert on "Executive Coaching" and "Lifestyle Development and Improvement". Childs is an avid student and lecturer who has helped dozens of people overcome their fears, increase their confidence, and live a more satisfying life. He has learned from some of the leading authorities on life coaching and personal development.

Childs's knowledge is ever increasing and he has written numerous articles, which he is now offering through his free daily e-zine which is available through his web site http://www.sam-childs.com

Sam's knowledge of his subject is vast, and his expression is opinionated and enthusiastic. His interview style is captivating to both interviewer and audience. He never fails to share inside tips and helpful ideas that his audience can immediately benefit from.

For more information or to interview Sam Childs call 860-391-2412, or visit http://www.Sam-Childs.com.


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