A Fish Can Fly If She Only Believes She Can

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Children will be delighted by "Nicky the Flying Fish," the story of a rainbow fish who wanted to reach the sun. This colorfully illustrated book will motivate children to make their own dreams become reality.

Anything is possible if a person puts in the effort, even if that person is a fish, as revealed in Madlen Krushev's fun and inspiring new children's book "Nicky the Flying Fish" (ISBN 0982042604, The Magical Realm of Books, 2008).

Nicky is a rainbow fish whose mother has magical scales. Although not a flying fish, Nicky dreams of reaching the sun, and she is determined to make her dream come true. After continually trying to reach the sun by jumping out of the water, Nicky's flippers become so elongated that they start to resemble wings, and consequently, she achieves the ability to fly up to the sun.

The story is simple, but the message is strong and clear. Anyone can achieve anything if one is determined enough. Children will cheer for Nicky when she finally reaches her goal and the colorful illustrations will keep the story vivid in their memories, subconsciously continuing to motivate them to succeed.

Madlen Krushev's illustrations were done with watercolor pencils, which make them delightful and eye-catching because so colorful. Nicky's mother, Rainbow, is especially well drawn and beautifully colored. The depiction of Nicky reaching the sun will remain emblazoned in children's minds. The illustrations are also educational and explanatory, perfectly supporting the text.

Madlen Krushev wrote a little story, but she believes it can have a big impact. In a recent interview, Krushev stated, "Children and adults all need hope, faith and motivation. They all love beautiful things that make you believe in the best in the world." "Nicky the Flying Fish" is the kind of gift that keeps giving because it instills in children the resolve never to give up because no situation is so impossible it cannot be overcome. Parents will appreciate the positive message as much as their children, and both parent and child will look forward to the promised sequel.

About the Author
Madlen Krushev says that writing runs in her family. Both her parents have had a flair for writing all their lives and published poem collections in their youth. Madlen had a passion for writing from an early age that she carried into adulthood. Her inspiration has largely come from the children she has taught--the things they say and do, their facial and verbal expressions, thoughts and actions, and their "real life problems and experiences"--all have been a treasure chest of ideas for her. Krushev's nine-year old son has also been a fountain of ideas in this respect. The author of numerous children's books, Madlen Krushev writes stories that are "educational" learning experiences for young readers as well as colorfully illustrated and entertaining.

"Nicky the Flying Fish" (ISBN 0982042604, The Magical Realm of Books, 2008) can be purchased through local and online bookstores such as http://www.amazon.com. For more information, visit http://www.magicalrealmofbooks.com. Publicity contact: http://www.ReaderViews.com. Review copies available upon request.


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