Port25 Solutions, Inc. Introduces New IP Warm-Up Feature To Enhance Deliverability

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Latest version of PowerMTA allows email senders to quickly add new IP addresses to their mailing infrastructure and build a reputation with ISPs.

Intelligent Email Deliverability Software

Port25 Solutions has once again demonstrated their responsiveness to market needs and customer requests

Port25 Solutions, Inc. recently announced that its latest version of PowerMTA, version 3.5, includes a stout new feature for email senders. IP- Warm-Up gives email marketers/senders the ability to quickly add reputable new IP addresses to their sending infrastructure. While introducing the new IP addresses to ISPs, this feature allows ISPs to monitor emails from the new IPs without tagging them as suspect giving legitimate senders and ESPs (email service providers) the ability to quickly build on the reputation they've established with other IP addresses in use.

"Port25 Solutions has once again demonstrated their responsiveness to market needs and customer requests," said Chris Curtin, CTO at leading email provider Silverpop "We're sending business-critical messages around-the-clock on behalf of hundreds of clients, and it's important that these emails get to recipients quickly and efficiently. Port25 has shown their commitment to helping us accomplish that."

PowerMTA is Port25's flagship product and is recognized as the industry's leading email gateway software. Since 1999, Port25 has been providing solutions for email senders/online marketers, news agencies and email service providers. Port25 has demonstrated their leadership in fighting spam from the sender side by integrating solutions such as SenderID/SPF and verified DomainKeys/DKIM. PowerMTA was also the first MTA solution certified and approved by Goodmail Systems to send Certified Email.

When it comes to sending email, reputation as a sender is king. Reputation is based largely on the IP address from which the email is sent. The challenge for commercial senders is that IP addresses do not come with any sender reputation. It's similar to a credit rating. No credit does not equal good credit.

The challenge then becomes to establish a high reputation for your new IP addresses. With this in mind, PowerMTA now has the ability to utilize the reputation of an existing IP address to warm up a new or "cold" IP.

Prior to this feature, email senders would have no method by which to segment their IP addresses based on reputation. All email would be sent equally between warm IP addresses and cold IP addresses. This led to cumbersome issues whereby the email using the warm IP addresses would quickly be delivered, but those emails using the cold IP would experience difficulty getting delivered in a timely manner.

Now in PowerMTA these IP addresses can be grouped by reputation type, and as such email can be distributed more efficiently across the various IP addresses. Initially, the cold IP addresses can be configured to deploy only a small subset of the emails, to ensure that all emails they deploy are successfully delivered. Over time, as the reputation of the cold IP addresses become more evident, the throughput using the cold IP addresses can be exponentially increased.

For example, cold IP addresses see deliver rates of anywhere from 60-600 per hour to Yahoo.com, and around 5000 per hour to Hotmail.com. Trying to get a cold IP to deliver more than that is pointless because Yahoo! and Hotmail will not allow you to deliver more than that amount. With PowerMTA from http://www.port25.com, you can set the warm IP addresses to deliver the bulk of the mailing, and set the cold IP addresses to organize and deploy the smaller volumes in accordance with the per hour rates that cold IP addresses typically garner.

This setup allows for maximizing the small amount of throughput that a cold IP address can send without effecting the reputation of the existing IP, or the efficiency of deliverability of a campaign.

Another great use for this feature is its ability to pre-warm IP addresses for later use by ESPs (Email Service Providers). Since the use of legitimate email continues its incredible growth pattern, the complimentary services that ESPs provide will likely increase as a result. One primary benefit for ESPs is to have established IPs readily available for their new clients. The method of warming of IP addresses in PowerMTA allows an ESP to bring several cold IP addresses quickly online prior to being required. And, over the course of time develop a pool of IP addresses with outstanding reputation, so that new customers can immediately benefit from high deliverability, where existing ESP clients have been assured.

PowerMTA is a solution specifically designed to manage an increasingly complex delivery landscape and is widely-accepted across a number of verticals. See for yourself how it can help you better manage your I/O messaging streams by contacting http://www.Port25.com for a free and fully-functional evaluation today.

About Port25:
Port25 provides specialized email infrastructure software products that addresses the unique demands of customer communications and email marketing applications. PowerMTA, Port25's flagship product, provides senders with superior performance and advanced features to proactively manage their sender reputations. Port25 customers include leading email service providers such as Responsys, Silverpop, ExactTarget, and WhatCounts, and leading brands such as NYTimes.com, iVillage, Cabela's, MySpace, USAir, CareerBuilder and Bank of America. Port25 is a member of the Email Sender and Provider Coalition (ESPC) and the Authentication and Online Trust Alliance (AOTA). Founded in 1999, Port25's mission is to realize the potential of email as a platform for legitimate and effective customer communications.

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