Crusader for Breakthrough Medicine Suzanne Somers Calls ONDAMED® "Truly Miraculous!"

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ONDAMED's PEMF Technology with Pulse Biofeedback Relieves Suzanne Somers' Lymphedema Symptoms In One Session.

The inventor (Rolf Binder) should receive the Nobel Prize for this miraculous invention.

In her best-selling book, BREAKTHROUGH, Eight Steps To Wellness, author, actress and crusader for anti-aging and alternative medicine Suzanne Somers states that ONDAMED is "truly miraculous!"

Suzanne Somers suffered from painful lymphedema and ONDAMED, after only one treatment, relieved the swelling and pain, and helped improve Suzanne Somers' general health.

"There is always enthusiasm and energy around breakthroughs and new advances in natural healing," writes Suzanne Somers. "I came across a marvelous invention called the ONDAMED machine. This is a very sophisticated new piece of equipment you need to urge your doctor to purchase. I now use the ONDAMED machine and the results have been truly miraculous. In just a short period of time I am no longer experiencing pain, swelling, or tenderness in the breast."

When the lymph system is functioning properly it effectively cleanses the tissues, aids in cellular repair, and eliminates toxins -- one of the most important keys to health. Illnesses as wide-ranging as allergies, fibrocystic disease, and cancer can be related to lymph congestion. A sure sign of lymph congestion is sore or swollen lymph glands.

In her book, Suzanne Somers further expounds: "ONDAMED is a cellular-electrical-biofeedback machine and purports to have miraculous effects for acute-pain management and lymphatic congestion, among other things. This machine uses low-level pulsing magnetic fields that induce the flow of micro-currents within the tissues of the patient. In other words, it's able to locate underlying dysfunction and provide a treatment of the patient. It can pinpoint the location of the pain, which doesn't necessarily mean where the pain manifests. Your pain could be in your knee but the ONDAMED machine can tell where the pain originates, which might be in your kidney. Safe and noninvasive, it promotes improved circulation, wound healing, bone regrowth, and pain relief, for conditions such as fibromyalgia. These conditions resolve quickly, as though the body simply needs a small signal to jump-start the healing process … I am using ONDAMED for my own personal health and wellness. Profound technology."

A4M, December 11-14 in Las Vegas, Occasion for Thousands to Experience
Anti-Aging Breakthrough that Works from the Inside-Out

At the 16th Annual World Congress On Anti-Aging Medicine & Regenerative Biomedical Technologies in Las Vegas, December 11-14, over 6,000 medical professionals from around the globe will get an opportunity to experience ONDAMED -- the anti-aging breakthrough that goes beyond other anti-aging solutions that merely skim the surface.

"The future of medicine."

And Suzanne Somers is not the only ONDAMED zealot. Dr. Stephen Sinatra, famed cardiologist and alternative medicine advocate, says "The vibrational frequencies that are determined by sophisticated equipment like ONDAMED is perhaps a search for real truth. This is the future of medicine."

On December 11 at A4M, Dr. Sinatra will join Ondamed Inc. founder Rolf Binder, along with renown biophysicist James L. Oschman, Ph.D., distinguished physicians Carolyn Matzinger ("Physician of the Year") and Wolf-Dieter Kessler, best-selling author Dawson Church, and Olympic performance trainer Jeffrey Spencer, for an all-day seminar entitled From Fundamentals To Breakthroughs. This CME accredited series of lectures is one of the major developments in energy medicine in relation to longevity.

"ONDAMED has transformed thousands of lives all over the globe," says Ondamed CEO Silvia Binder. "And we are humbled and thankful to witness these transformations to health and wellness."

And, upon experiencing ONDAMED for the first time, Yousef Al-Hajri, MD, one of Dubai's most highly-regarded physicians and a member of its Health Ministry, had this to say: "The inventor (Rolf Binder) should receive the Nobel Prize for this miraculous invention."

About: ONDAMED® is a battery-powered biofeedback device that a medical practitioner uses to determine which frequencies of sound, as well as the accompanying weak pulsed electromagnetic fields, cause a response in a patient's autonomic nervous system. Temporary stimulation by these frequencies, combined with the patient's cognitive and non-cognitive participation, promotes relaxation, muscle re-education, and rehabilitation that returns the body to its former state of wellness and allows one to detect and apply therapeutic frequencies to relieve stress, inflammation and pain. It also, among other things, helps cell repair and regeneration, promotes improved circulation, wound healing, bone re-growth and gives lymphatic relief and improves immune functions essential to everyone's health and wellness.

About: Suzanne Somers' best-selling book "Breakthrough" is an outstanding collection of interviews with top leading anti-aging doctors who share their beliefs regarding the many new treatments available to alleviate the degenerative process endured while growing old. Ms. Somers writes about what makes us age, what makes us sick, and how ONDAMED's breakthrough technology delivered "truly miraculous" results.

About: A4M is the largest and most influential international conference and expo in preventative medicine and bio-medical technologies.

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Excerpts from Breakthrough: 8 Steps to Wellness by Suzanne Somers, © 2008 by Suzanne Somers. Published by Crown Publishers, an imprint of the Crown Publishing Group, a division of Random House, Inc., New York.


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