Vidsense Breaks Through with Breakthrough Approach

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Vidsense inverts the current advertising wisdom: Don't target the audience. Let them target you instead. Better -- in an on-demand medium -- to be the game, not the hunter.

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This is an on-demand medium. We believe that the best way to target your audience in an on-demand medium is to let them target you instead. Our proven content serves as the honey that attracts the bees.

Vidsense, the Web's largest video ad network, invokes the wit and wisdom of Charlie Tuna with a time-tested solution to the online advertising conundrum (

According to Mike Einstein, who, along with his brother, Jeff, handles PR and positioning for Vidsense: "In the advertising lexicon, breakthrough traditionally has referred to cutting-edge creative. But times have changed. With the proliferation of viewing options on TV, and a billion + new spaces to navigate online, industry focus has shifted to what we fondly refer to as The Charlie Tuna Syndrome: Advertisers don't want breakthrough creative, advertisers want creative that breaks through!

Mike continues: "Up until as recently as just 20 years ago, mass media was defined by a three-network television universe. Typical HUT (homes using television) levels of 70% during prime time literally meant that 70% of all television households were tuned into just three channels. With relatively little clutter, there was ample opportunity for breakthrough advertising to literally break through. Original jingles graced everything from cleaning products to cigarettes. Mr. Clean got rid of grease and grime and Winston tasted good like a cigarette should. We knew not to squeeze the Charmin and how to spell relief (R-O-L-A-I-D-S). And in perhaps the best example of quality's triumph over quantity, Apple was able to break through with a Macintosh commercial that aired exactly once."

Adds Jeff Einstein: "Today, despite an exponential increase in TV choices, HUT levels have actually dropped, rendering it prohibitively expensive, if not virtually impossible for any new breakthrough concept to break through. And creative opportunities online are even more limited, with dispassionate banner and text ads competing in vain for consumer hearts and minds that yearn for a renaissance of the great American art form. Anyone who doubts this is well-advised to consider the excitement that surrounds the annual creative commercial showcase otherwise known as the Super Bowl."

Jeff goes on to say: "You know it's bad when you find yourself describing the current media landscape in terms of an old Lay's Potato Chip tag line: Eat all you want. We'll make more! But more isn't better, better is better. And the good news is there's an online media model that still gets it. It's called Vidsense, and here's how it works ( Widgets comprising thumbnail links to popular TV and movie clips (culled from a library of more than 80,000 licensed video clips) reside on the more than 20,000 safe-for-work partner websites that make up the Vidsense network. When a viewer clicks on a thumbnail, a new browser window opens, transporting that viewer to a paying advertiser's website where the clip is then viewed within the exclusive confines of that advertiser's branded surroundings."

Says Vidsense CEO Jaffer Ali: "This is an on-demand medium. We believe that the best way to target your audience in an on-demand medium is to let them target you instead. Our proven content serves as the honey that attracts the bees."

Mindful that talk is cheap, Vidsense offers much more than just high theory. Supporting research ( reveals thumbnail click-through rates that are 7 to 10 times higher than industry averages for text and banner ads. What's more, 92% of respondents to a recent survey said they enjoyed the video clips, resulting in satisfied prospects eager to spend extended time on the host advertiser's website. And because Vidsense is a pure pay-per-click model, advertisers pay only for Vidsense generated visitors delivered "safe and secure" to their online showrooms.

Mike concludes: "Vidsense takes its cue from the golden ages of radio and TV, when content was king and advertisers controlled their own destinies. Simply stated, Vidsense is a welcome return to what works."

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About Vidsense
Vidsense is the Web's largest video advertising network. With more than 80,000 advertiser-friendly video clips licensed from major film and TV studios, the Vidsense network of more than 20,000 safe-for-work partner websites delivers millions of qualified visitors directly to advertiser websites on a pure Pay-Per-Click (PPC) basis. Vidsense is to Adsense what video is to print -- a far more engaging and compelling environment for consumers and advertisers alike.


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