Newly Available to Do-it-Yourselfers: The Flexible Custom Appliance Trim Kit

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DIY'ers Open up a World of Possibilities with Custom Trim Kits

California-based manufacturer Micro-Trim is announcing the availability of custom built-in appliance that offer maximum flexibility and profitability for the sale and installation of built-in appliances into residential and commercial kitchens. Usually much less expensive than manufacturer-provided trim kits, they are customized to fit needed or existing cutouts, and can be exactly matched to a broad range of manufacturers and colors. Hence, the range of choices for new appliances into existing spaces widens considerably providing remodelers and installers with much greater flexibility.

Manufacturers provide trim kits to help their appliances fit such spaces--but these have yielded varying results, are generally expensive and provide little to no flexibility.

Homemaker Amy Jacoby discovered what kind of a situation do-it-yourselfers can find themselves in when trying to replace an older appliance. "One day we turned on our 30-year-old cook-top stove and it didn't work. And when you're without a stove, it's not easy," Jacoby said. "When I went shopping for a new one, I quickly found it was a non-standard size by what is available today. It looked like my only option was to replace my entire kitchen counter in order to fit in the new stove, because there was none available to fit the existing opening. Who has that kind of time? And with a son in college that just wasn't in the budget."

Gary Phillips, a homeowner in Puyallup, Washington, had a similar problem. "We had to replace our 2-piece oven-microwave combination," he related. 'We bought the same basic model, except that over the years it had become smaller. The new one left a gaping 5-inch hole in our existing cabinetry at the bottom of the oven. We were told we could buy a trim-kit from the manufacturer, but it was expensive and we really didn't know if it was going to fit."

Both Jacoby and Phillips ended up utilizing custom trim kits from Micro-Trim.

"The kit provided a considerable cost-savings, especially compared with having to re-do my entire kitchen counter," Jacoby said. "With our new stove, it fit like a glove. It was very easy to install, and it looked perfect. The kits are very do-it-yourselfer friendly. I live in Delaware; the company is in California. I got the kit in just a couple of days. It was a quick and easy solution to a big and immediate problem."

"The trim-kit looked great and was a nice fit," Phillips said. "It was very easy to put in, and it was 60 percent cheaper than the manufacturer's trim kit would have been."

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