New Real Estate Model Is a Raging Success in Edmonton, Alberta

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An Edmonton real estate agent has taken a different approach to the business, which has been hugely received by the public and industry alike. By announcing that he is a "nice Realtor", he has encouraged home buyers and sellers, as well as other industry members, to be relaxed and comfortable in working with him. As a result, his clients' homes are selling in a marketplace where so many other properties linger on the market and aren't selling.

Just 6 months ago, John Carle of ReMax Real Estate (Edmonton) launched a new real estate model which focuses on a positive relationship with the client first. "Nice Realtors for Nice People" is the motto of this new model, and it has returned successes beyond anything John ever expected. The residents of Edmonton and St. Albert have flocked to this new approach in droves.

Armed with 10 years of real estate experience and supported by 2 extremely hard working individuals, Cathy Campbell and Dave Dry, John embarked upon this new business with a great deal of excitement. The goal of this new model was to provide home sellers and buyers with a comfortable environment in which to buy and sell a home; allowing them to have fun and enjoy the process.

"Buying or selling a home is supposed to be a great experience, but for most people it's simply so stressful that they can't enjoy themselves," says John Carle, "which is why we've chosen to be 'Nice Realtors'. It may sound simplistic, but this endeavor has many layers."
The most notable aspect of this new real estate model is that people are more likely to feel at ease with these agents. When calling about a house for sale, or to interview agents to sell a home, people are naturally intimidated and standoffish. By telling people that 'Nice Realtors' are available, John and his team allow people to be put at ease. This encourages them to talk more openly with the agent, who can collect more information and better service the needs of that client.

John and his team are also very public about their expectations of the clients and themselves. When people know what to expect from a Realtor, and they get it, everyone is more relaxed.
"The most fun we had was when we developed our 'Rules of Engagement' and 'YES/NO' list," adds Dave Dry, "this really put the word out there that we are different from our competitors. It showed that we can have fun, and that it's OK for our clients to have fun too."

One of the hardest things we had to do was to overcome the adversarial process that has become so ingrained into the real estate industry. Agents tend to not like each other, and negotiate real estate offers very aggressively. This creates some resentment between Realtors. Being 'Nice Realtors' includes being nice to the other Realtors in Edmonton and area, and going out of our way to work with them. That's why john and his team created a "Co-Op Realtors Concierge Service" program.

"This program boldly tells other agents that we're here to work with them, help them, and support them. The service that we provide to the agents makes his/her life easier; which makes them more likely to want to write offers on our listings," says Cathy Campbell, "and in the end that benefits our clients."

After just 3 months of using this model, John was ranked as one of the top 10 agents in his office and has remained in that position ever since. In November he was ranked as the 4th agent overall, a mere 6 months after starting this new business model.

"It's brilliant," quotes Carl Bretzlaf, the owner and manager of ReMax Real Estate's North Edmonton office, "It's just so simple, and people get it right away. It gives John an instant advantage over other agents, and encourages people to be nice to him. I wish I'd thought of it!"

"I'm very pleasantly surprised by how my clients, the public, and the industry have responded to this new approach. I knew it would work; but I didn't have any idea that people were hungering for this nice approach. I'm glad that we're able to provide it!" Says John.
For more information on this new approach to real estate sales, you can visit John, Dave, and Cathy at their real estate website at

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