Skincare and Beauty Low Cost Alternatives: Reviews of Affordable Skin Care Products

Share Article introduces a new series of articles that reviews wallet-friendly skincare products and offers tips for saving money.

Worried that a quality skin care routine is simply too expensive?'s latest set of articles, "Beauty on a Budget" showcases affordable products. Learn how to shop smart and save money while maintaining a beautiful complexion.

1. Affordable Skincare Review: Anti-Aging Regimen for Under $100

Wrinkles and premature aging are frustrating enough. Finding effective products shouldn't be a skincare shopping nightmare, too. Follow this step-by-step guide and learn how to create the most effective routine for aging skincare concerns -- minus the hefty price tags! Rest assured -- it's okay to be thrifty when it comes to certain products. Learn how to choose an effective cleanser, a protective day cream, a gentle eye cream and an affordable night cream, all within an affordable price range. Add up the savings and be amazed at these effective products that contribute to a younger-looking complexion.

2. Holiday Gift Guide for the Ladies: The Perfect Present Under $50

Whether she prefers a polished, natural look or can never have enough makeup, skin care and beauty products make for great Christmas presents this year. This is the ultimate guide to gift giving for ladies. Satisfy both her skincare and beauty wishes and the wallet with these special and affordable options. This guide covers a variety of different types: the skincare slave, skincare minimalist, beauty addict, beauty beginner, bath beauty, mane maven, green goddess and the gal on the go.

3. Holiday Gift Guide for Men: The Perfect Present Under $50

Quality skin care products are a great gift for every guy on the list, but it isn't necessary to pay top dollar. For under $50, anybody can learn to put together a great present for that special guy. This guide gives suggestions for various types of men: the skincare beginner, skincare aficionado, hair fanatic, workout buff, world traveler and more. From basic essentials to specialized extras, any man can become an expert in no time.

4. Affordable Skin Care Review: Creating a Skincare Routine for Under $100

Most people have had to cut corners lately to make ends meet. It's time to consider how to get more for the money when it comes to skin care. This complete, budget-friendly routine is designed to address each skin type -- while still remaining under $100. Dry or sensitive skin types will learn how to gently cleanse and condition the skin while hydrating dehydrated skin. Normal or combination skin will find out how to remove impurities and protect the skin while maintaining the skin's natural moisture balance. And oily or acneic skin will find suggestions to clear clogged pores and refine skin without over-drying.

5. Smart Skincare Shopping

For most people, dropping $50 to $100 on skincare is no trivial matter, even if the product is fabulous and the gift with purchase perfect. Everybody wants to see results in the complexion, be the benefits less wrinkles, reduced redness or fewer blemishes. But never before have the products been so advanced, exciting or -- expensive. With the cost of skincare climbing, how do people decide if the ends justify the means? Find out how to shop smart and stay on a budget when it comes to advanced skincare.

6. Skin Care Products: How to Apply the Right Amount

When it comes to skin care, many of us like to think that if a little is good, then a lot must be much better. But an extra pump of product won't always yield superior results. Learn how much product is correct to use in order to reap healthy rewards from skincare products. This article helps readers to figure out how much to use of varying types of products, and which skin types should use less. Quality skin care is an investment, and just like other assets, it needs to be monitored in order to achieve the best results. By taking control of how much product is used, the result will be great skin and more money to purchase future beauty products.

7. Double-Duty Products That Ease Your Routine

In today's busy world, juggling a variety of jobs has become a way of life. People are constantly putting on many different hats, so it's only natural that they would want their skincare products to reflect those everyday needs. Although no one product can do it all, by choosing a few double-duty items, it's easy to cut down the time spent on a skincare routine and reclaim shelf space. Learn about clever cleansers, multi-tasking moisturizers, shower shortcuts and double-duty products.

8. Keep Your Skincare Simple

With products promising to deliver the fountain of youth, is the temptation of flashy ads and fancy bottles can be too tough to resist. Is a beauty product on sale even more enticing? Instead of littering the bathroom counter and beauty bag with unnecessary products, this guide will help readers learn how to streamline a skin care regimen, saving both time and money. Find out how to combine multiple steps into one, whether or not a toner or an exfoliating scrub is necessary and how to choose an anti-aging product.

9. Beauty on a Budget: Where to Spend Your Money

Many people can't afford to pay top dollar for every skincare and beauty item in the bathroom cabinet. They would go broke, especially considering how many other fabulous items have now become necessities. Luckily, people don't have to splurge on the entire kit and caboodle. Here is a guide to deciding when to save and when to spend. covers all skincare and beauty topics from head to toe. Check out these latest articles:

Lovely Lips
The importance of a comprehensive skincare routine is well known, yet all too often, we forget to pay attention to those other areas of the face that also need individualized care, like the lips. Just like the rest of the skin, lips can suffer environmental, physical and UV damage each day. Gather a few skincare specialties to combat this damage and ensure the health and well-being of the lips. Lip care can be a snap with the right products. Stock up on a few extra-care lip specialists now, and enjoy a healthy smile far into the future.

The Skinny on Dry Skin
Dry skin is skin that has stopped producing the natural oil (sebum) which lubricates and keeps the skin soft and moist. For most people, especially as they age, dry skin is a very common problem. As the skin matures, the production of sebum typically tends to slow down, causing the skin to feel and look dry. Moisture is lost through the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the epidermis. This layer is made up of skin cells, oils and fats and it keeps the skin hydrated while also creating a barrier against harmful substances. First and foremost, dry skin needs moisture, however; there are several practical, everyday tweaks to your normal routine which will provide relief.

The Sensational Power of Scent
From the shampoo we use every morning to the candles we enjoy at night, surrounding ourselves with pleasant scents is an important part of many people's routines. And science is revealing that particular fragrances evoke chemical changes in our brains, making us feel happy, calm or even romantic. In fact, the International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. has conducted numerous studies on how scent impacts mood and emotional health. Find out which scents contribute to overall well-being and how to add them to an everyday routine.

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