Chris Hutcherson, Frank Maguire, and Gary W. Goldstein of The Elevision Network™ announce that Elevision Network is in Pre-Launch

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Chris Hutcherson ( CEO of a new pre-launch company called The Elevision Network is seeking affiliates, Master affiliates and Super affiliates to become involved in what could likely become the world's largest Internet Television Station. Elevision Network has also developed an incredibly robust affiliate training program worth thousands of dollars that will be provided to every Master Affiliate that enrolls in The Elevision Network University Affiliate program. At, one can find information on the pre-launch of Elevision Network which has access to $7,000,000 of content from some of the world's greatest mentors. People will be able to subscribe to unlimited use of hundreds of hours of rich content twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. Chris Hutcherson has also brought on board Gary W. Goldstein, famous producer of movies such as Pretty Woman, to serve as Vice Chairman of the Board and Executive Producer of User Generated Content. Gary W. Goldstein has produced more than a billion dollars worth of movie tickets in his stellar career. Furthermore, Chris Hutcherson has added to his team Frank Maguire as Chairman of the Board and Chief Communications Officer. Frank Maguire was a founding member of Federal Express as well as co-founder of Project Head Start and the Special Olympics. Frank Maguire has also worked in executive positions with American Airlines, ABC Radio, and Kentucky Fried Chicken. Elevision Network, when fully deployed, will have a revenue model combining subscriptions, Ecommerce downloadable media, full-streaming Pay Per View and Social Media.

The objective is that between our Affiliate Training Materials and the Elevision Network Internet Television, any person can improve their level of success in whatever business they are involved in or will become involved in

Elevision Network Chris Hutcherson, Frank Maguire and Gary W. Goldstein have possibly devised the most interesting business model that the Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing and other large sales channels have ever seen. Chris Hutcherson, Frank Maguire, and Gary Goldstein will be deploying an Internet Protocol Television Distribution Platform which cost millions to build out. Combined with the IPTV platform will be a robotics camera system with a virtual set technology inside of a $5,000,000 television studio.

Chris Hutcherson describes the technology as star wars type programming where the look of the set where you create content is only limited by one's imagination. When launched, the Elevision Network will include channels with generic content to help everyone in areas such as Leadership, Women, Health and Wellness, Internet Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Wealth, Personal Development, Sales and Marketing, Networking, Travel, Real Estate, Spirituality, Relationships and Communication.

The Elevision Network with CEO, Chris Hutcherson then contracts for new or existing content from some of the world's greatest speakers, teachers, mentors, and coaches. "So far it looks like by the middle of 2009, we will have over 200 different mentors and 500 shows for people to watch. Master affiliates and affiliates will be able to offer subscriptions to this content for a price of less than one cup of coffee per day," stated Chris Hutcherson.

The reason that Frank Maguire and Gary W. Goldstein - - became involved was because of the difference that this content can make in people's lives. Both Frank Maguire and Gary W. Goldstein have developed one business success after the other during their distinguished careers. The Elevision Network is so pleased to have these two great mentors working inside the company to guide the Elevision Network to a higher level.

Chris Hutcherson, Frank Maguire and Gary W. Goldstein also believe that The Elevision Network Affiliate Training Program will revolutionize the way Internet Marketing is done for many business channels. The materials that the Elevision Network Affiliates, Master Affiliates, and Super Affiliates receive are incredible in the breadth of the subject matter provided in numerous categories of marketing.

These affiliate training materials were designed as part of a separate marketing arm of The Elevision Network. "The objective is that between our Affiliate Training Materials and the Elevision Network Internet Television, any person can improve their level of success in whatever business they are involved in or will become involved in," states Chris Hutcherson. It is also a unique venue to meet like-minded people all over the world and to share business training and success concepts.

As one of the most famous executives in the world, Frank Maguire is assisting the Elevision Network with attracting many of the world's leading mentors to join The Elevision Network. Gary W. Goldstein is bringing his vast knowledge in producing world class content. Even more than that Gary W. Goldstein is helping Chris Hutcherson develop the entire Social Media and User Generated Content for The Elevision Network. Chris Hutcherson states, "when I think of the possibilities of merging Internet Broadcast Quality Television, Affiliate Marketing, Ecommerce downloadable media, Social Media and User Generated Content all together under one umbrella, it gives me chills."

The Elevision Network truly has the chance to change both the personal and business lives of millions of people.

Chris Hutcherson, Frank Maguire and Gary W. Goldstein have also put together a management team that looks like a Fortune 1000 company in the level of experience and contacts that they bring to the Elevision Network. In just a few days, the Company will reveal the names of this world class group of Executives.

Attached are a few links to prior press and articles Elevision Network has received: To follow some of the links of articles already written about The Elevision Network, you can go to the following:

Frank Maguire ( and Gary W. Goldstein are currently talking to their contacts all over the world. Chris Hutcherson is interested in receiving emails from Affiliates and Master Affiliates, portals, or like organizations that have large sale organization who would become potential pre-launch Master Affiliates for the Elevision Network. This is a unique early look chance for you to work with Chris Hutcherson, Frank Maguire or Gary W. Goldstein.


To contact the Elevision Network and receive an early invitation on launch day, please go to Fill out the information and we will send you an early look at how Master affiliates can become involved.

If you are a Super Affiliate, large portal, large membership group, or sales organization with a large sales force of over 5,000, please feel free to call Chris Hutcherson, CEO or click the "email us here" link.

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