SpeechNutrients' Focus Group Yields Positive Results for Children Facing Speech Challenges

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SpeechNutrients announces that numerous positive results have been noted by parents of children who face speech challenges when taking PharmaOmega speak™. These children are participants in a Focus Group conducted by NourishLife and are receiving complimentary speak™ for a 3 month period.

NourishLife announced today that their SpeechNutrients division http://www.speechnutrients.com has received numerous positive results from families whose children face speech challenges and are participating in a Focus Group conducted by SpeechNutrients. For a 3 month time period, a number of children have been provided PharmaOmega speak™, a patented nutritional formula developed by a pediatrician to support normal and healthy speech and coordination.

SpeechNutrients initiated the Focus Group with the intention of helping families by sampling speak™ and gathering information. Each family was asked to provide some background as to why they might be included, and they agreed to share their experiences. During the course of the 3 month program, many families have described positive results such as gains in speech complexity and intelligibility, the addition of new words and sounds, increased narrative, and improved and/or faster gross motor planning.

According to Mark Nottoli, Founder of NourishLife, "We have had many, many reports from families that their children are doing extremely well on speak™. We have families describing improvements in their child's speech, of formerly immobile kids now climbing in and out of chairs. It is heart-warming and encouraging to hear these stories. And, we also know that not all kids respond the same."

According to Sarah, a Focus Group participant, "My son has shown improvements in his gross motor skills since starting speak™. He has always struggled with balance and coordination. Lately he seems much steadier on his feet and he is wanting to climb on everything and recently discovered he can pull himself onto our couch. I honestly cannot turn my back on him for one split second anymore, and it's wonderful! He has also recently started moving both feet at a rapid pace as if he's dancing. In addition, my son has never waved on his own initiative before. Two weeks ago he waved on his own on two separate occasions (back-to-back days). While I haven't seen it happen again, I know it's in there!"

Angela, another Focus group participant states, "My child has only been on it for a few weeks but I notice the improvements already. I really like the ease of the oil coming out of the capsule. He doesn't mind the taste at all and takes it with no problems. He has been speaking more, trying longer sentences, and initiating more conversations."

Hilary, whose daughter is a participant in the Focus Group states, "My daughter's OT and SLP both noted that she was speaking more clearly, showing improved eye contact, and interacting more during her sessions within 3 weeks of us giving her speak regularly. In general, she seems more animated and responsive to us." More parental testimonials can be found at http://www.speechnutrients.com/testimonials_speech.aspx.

Due to the on-going success of the Focus Group, SpeechNutrients recently initiated a new program to provide qualified families a single complimentary box of PharmaOmega speak™ . According to Nottoli, "We look forward to learning more with future clinical research. Until then, we know speak™ has an excellent safety profile and that the purified and concentrated omega-3 oils in PharmaOmega speak™ are pharmaceutical-grade and produced according to rigorous certified API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) standards. SpeechNutrients is pleased to provide a complimentary box of speak™ to families whose children face speech challenges, provided they answer a few qualifying questions. We look forward to hearing from more families and their children benefitting from the nutrients in speak™."

Families may obtain their complimentary box of speak by going to http://www.SpeechNutrients.com.

About NourishLife
NourishLife http://www.NourishLife.com intends to contribute to a major improvement in health and wellness by addressing nutritional deficiencies. Founded by nutrition industry veterans, the firm includes expert scientists and nutritionists passionate about health. The PharmaOmega division of NourishLife http://www.PharmaOmega.com is the premier source of omega-3 information, research and news.

The firm was awarded an exclusive license to a patented nutritional formulation designed to support normal speech development. Preliminary anecdotal evidence shows promise with reports of benefits that include improved speech, imitation, coordination, eye contact, behavior and sensory issues. NourishLife formed a partnership with Croda, the maker's of Lorenzo's Oil, for the pharmaceutical grade omega 3 used in their speak™ product. More information can be found at http://www.SpeechNutrients.com

NourishLife is a privately held business located outside of Chicago.

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