Hydro Pulse Gift Sales go way up in 2008

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Despite an uncertain economy, Hydro Pulse Sinus Irrigator sales remain strong. In addition, the health company officials have noted a clear trend to sales this year.

Hydro Pulse™ Sinus Irrigator gift sales are higher this year than ever, says Dora Nunez, operations manager of Hydro Pulse sales.

“In this time of unhappy economic news, it is uplifting to see that when it comes to gift giving for health, business is booming,” Nunez said. “A leap in gift giving is a welcome respite from the steady drumbeat of bad economic news and a clear sign that business can be good in these times.”

Every year, people purchase the Hydro Pulse Sinus Irrigator for holiday gifts, whether it’s for Xmas, Chanukah, or Kwanzaa. In the past, the gift giver was often a parent giving the unit to a family member, or even several members.

But this year, in addition to being a great gift for family members, “there is a noticeable increase in ‘Janes’ buying these as gifts for ‘Jims,’ reports Ms Nunez. That is wives and girlfriends buying the units for their significant others.

Dora has asked several women about their gift purchases. L.K. of Houston said that her brother raved about how it had reduced his snoring, so she was getting one for her fiancé.

Another woman said that her doctor recommended the Hydro Pulse when she explained about her companion’s constant sniffing and nose blowing.

Interest in Hydro Pulse Nasal/Sinus Irrigator has increased after a series of articles showed how clearing nose and throat swelling can help with snoring problems. Nasal congestion is a frequent cause of snoring; postnasal drainage can enlarge throat tissues and can be a factor in snoring.

The Hydro Pulse delivers pulsatile irrigation. Delivered via a nasal applicator pulsatile irrigation relieves nasal congestion. Delivered by a throat applicator it reduces tonsil enlargement and throat congestion. Both these applications were recently presented on KABC TV as a successful alternative to snoring surgery.

Hydro Pulse is also a perfect gift in other instances too.

Dora explained, “I am sure many of these gifts were for people who had problem bad breath. In these cases, the Hydro Pulse is especially beneficial. When you wash away the stale bacteria, the breath problem clears.”

“Today, people understand that using pulsatile nasal irrigation is a proven method of ending chronic sinus conditions. When people have impaired nasal cilia function, bacteria are no longer swept out of the nose safely and effectively,” Dr Murray Grossan, the prominent Ear Nose and Throat specialist who originated pulsatile irrigation sinus relief explained. “What the Hydro Pulse does is restore that effective cilia function. When the cilia function is restored by Hydro Pulse irrigation that usually clears the sinus problem. I can see why someone would want to give this gift to someone they love.“

Another source for the increase of gift giving is from people who already enjoy the benefits of Hydro Pulse nasal irrigation and want to give these benefits to their friends. For example, some people with ENS - Emplty Nose Syndrome - are sending gifts. ENS is a serious complication that sometimes follows nasal surgery when too much normal nasal tissue has been removed. Chris B, of New York explained, “By giving my friend a Hydro Pulse, I can prevent his needing sinus surgery and so prevent him from ever getting ENS.”

Dora admits that so far, no employee has purchased a Hydro Pulse to give as a holiday gift for her boss.

A video showing how children use the Hydro Pulse is at http://www.hydromedonline.com

Dora Nunez can be reached at 818 893 6202
Dr Murray Grossan can be reached at 310 659 1006

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