ee Publishing and Productions Children's Books Receive Dove Awards for Teaching Solid Family Values

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ee Publishing & Productions Receives Two Dove Foundation 2008 Family-Approved Seals

As anyone who has shopped for children's books can tell you, there are a lot of them on the bookshelves. Unfortunately, just because they're written for children, doesn't mean they're good for children. Thankfully, there's a watchdog group called, The Dove Foundation, that monitors children's products for us. Because they've found that ee Publishing & Productions' wonderful Nana Star series is wholesome and good for children, they've honored them with the Dove Foundation 2008 Family-Approved Seals.

Here's what the reviewers at The Dove Foundation had to say about ee Publishing and Productions' children's books, "Nana Star" and "Nana Star And The Moonman":

"Nana Star" - Book
Award: Dove Family-Approved (5 Dove Rating - Highest Possible)
Recommended for: Suitable for all ages
Price: $15.95

Synopsis: "What do you do with a lost baby star who misses his Nana? One little girl know just what to do: become Nana Star!

"The adventure begins when a little girl finds a tiny star in a pile of leaves one day while she's out playing. He's scared, barely twinkling, and he wants his Nana. She promises to bring him home, but it won't be easy - he lives high up in the heavens. Join Nana Star as she sets out on the magical journey to return the baby star to his home.

"The character-building "Nana Star" series encourages compassion and generosity in a simple, imaginative manner accessible to the littlest listeners. Bonus CD featuring Nana Star Song & Story."

Dove Worldview: "Nana Star" is a book. It comes with a CD with music and the story. It is very nicely illustrated. It is very easy to read. It captures your attention all the way through the book. It encourages imagination and shows children how to be adventurous and compassionate. The story helps children understand that it is good to be kind to others. This book has been awarded the Dove "Family-Approved" Seal.

"Nana Star And The Moonman" - Book
Award: Dove Family-Approved (5 Dove Rating - Highest Possible)
Recommended for: Suitable for all ages
Price: $15.95

Synopsis: Nana Star is ready to bring a homesick baby star back to the heavens where he belongs, but it's dark and the world has gone to bed. Nana Star feels scared and alone. With help from a new friend, she learns that she is never alone, that the Moonman is always watching over her and guiding her on her way - even when she can't see him.

A comforting message about friendship and faith shines through this second book in the Nana Star series in terms easily appreciate especially by little listeners who don't like the dark or feeling lonely. Bonus CD featuring Nana Star and the Moonman song & story.

Dove Worldview: Nana Star is helping a baby sky creature to get back to his home in the sky. It gets to be nighttime and is very dark. She is guided by the moon's light. It helps her to realize she is never alone and is being watched over. The story helps children to enjoy the tale of the moon and the stars. It helps children not to fear the dark, and lets them know that there is nothing to fear when you have friends. Making friends and sharing an adventure with them is fun. This story is very enjoyable reading for children of all ages. The book also comes with a CD of the story and songs. This book has been awarded the Dove "Family-Approved" Seal.


In 1991 The Dove Foundation began promoting family-friendly entertainment. Our standards and criteria are based on Judeo/Christian values, free from the pressure of commercial interests. We believe in a positive approach of commending high-quality, wholesome movies rather than condemning filmmakers for not meeting those standards.

For years we have watched the morals and attitudes of the entertainment industry slowly creep into our society. We maintain that the number of PG-13 and R rated films, with their increasingly salacious material, are not representative of the desires of millions of movie goers. It's time for positive family values to impact those in Hollywood instead of Hollywood impacting family values.


ee Publishing & Productions believe that the simple story of Nana Star will be a success in today's society where it is hard for children to find appropriate role models. They also believe that parents will welcome a return to simpler, nostalgic times -- helping families recapture a little calm in a hectic world.

For more information on the business, visit, or to learn about its Nana Star products, click on http://www.Nana


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