Harden and Associates Announces Partnership to Help Businesses Grow

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For 17 years, Harden and Associates, Inc. has been helping businesses ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 firms dramatically improve their bottom line with results that have included doubling productivity and profits, and increasing client sales by 20 percent or more. Recently, the company has announced a partnership with Avant Garde Information Solutions to offer clients another world class business management system to better manage and measure company growth. This solution is unique in that it runs on both PC and Apple/MAC computers.

And we deliver tangible results.

Minnesota-based Harden has continued to add services that that help clients take their business to the next level by making improvements in all areas that ultimately impact customers and drive exponential results.

"Our whole concept is to get businesses performing optimally," said Harden's president, Barbara Hoganson. "We see a lot of businesses that could receive a far greater return if they only had the time and expertise to do so. The reason it gets so complex to operate at this level is because the business needs to have the right strategy, people, processes, and technologies across all functional areas to make peak performance a reality."

Aiming to share their knowledge of integrated best practices starting from effective strategic planning all the way through execution, Harden took its company online five years ago with http://www.hardeninc.com. As more companies have heard about the results being experienced, Hoganson and her staff have welcomed them with open arms while providing them with the roadmap and tools to success.

"If the company as a whole is not clear on their destination and, most important, how they're going to get there, that's a sure recipe for them being challenged to achieve the goals they have heavily invested in," said company namesake and chairman, John Harden, "We want to get people to look at the big picture and help them to see how all the parts need to fit together - how to link strategies, and how to implement them within all customer touch points."

Harden's accomplishments haven't gone unnoticed. Recently, the company had another article featured in the October 2008 issue of "Minnesota Business" and fortuitously, it was announced that the New York-based Avant Garde Information Solutions was partnering up with Harden and Associates.

While their clients are realizing exceptional growth, Hoganson insists that the strategies that Harden provides are not without its own altruistic origins: "I love to have people and businesses be the best that they can be," she said. "We get excited helping businesses realize their dreams. The companies we work with have worked hard to get their business to this point and now are primed to go to next level of growth."

"We're creating sustainable growth for clients." added Harden. "And we deliver tangible results."

About the Company:
Harden & Associates, Inc. is a provider of integrated strategic business, marketing, sales, operations, technology, and financial solutions, and is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. The company's blog can be viewed at http://www.SuccessfulBusinessBlog.com.

Contact Information:

Barbara Hoganson
(952) 926-9190
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