"Countdown to Manmade Armageddon" Out Now

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Dr. Sondra O'Neale has written "Countdown to Manmade Armageddon: a Biblical Critique over Global Warming," a warning about the onset of environmental changes brought on by human beings encroaching on the natural habitat of animals.

Countdown to Manmade Armageddon: a Biblical Critique Over Global Warming.

Author Dr. Sondra O'Neale has penned the shocking book, "Countdown to Manmade Armageddon: a Biblical Critique Over Global Warming." O'Neale, the founder of the Aunt Bea's Bargain Buys banner, has spent much of her time making high quality necessities available to Americans at discount prices. Now, with her latest endeavor, she's trying to urge people to prepare for the inevitable.

"I started reading a year ago about the disappearing honeybee population," explained O'Neale. "Then, I began researching other species that have been declining within the past year and found a correlation between Armageddon and the environmental disasters that are currently happening."

The idea of "Going Green" might be like a new trend now, but - as outlined in O'Neale's book - it might be too little too late.

"Overdeveloping has affected natural habitats," said O'Neale. "Dumping trash into our seas. In the Pacific Ocean, there are masses of plastic, created from PVC, that are larger than the mass area of United States and it is six inches to one foot underwater."

While most people assume that the Armageddon will be a political battle between countries, O'Neale suggests that the wars will be fought over necessities: "Wars will be over food and water. We have global warming and increased volcanoes. This is truly a manmade Armageddon."

In conjunction with the book, O'Neale has launched a blog, http://www.CountdownToMan-MadeArmageddon.com, that will feature excerpts from her book, as well as some essays and posts that are exclusive to the blog.

During this time of political strife, some people will have you believing that the decline of environmental purity is an invention of the media, but the proof is in Dr. Sondra O'Neale's book, "Countdown to Manmade Armageddon: a Biblical Critique Over Global Warming." The book will be available through several retailers, including Amazon.com and O'Neale's own Aunt Bea's Bargain Buys website; read it now and find out what you can do before it's truly too late.

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