New Website Allows Kids to Blast Off into Bibleland

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While the rest of the world declines in morality,, a new website founded by Larry and Mary Grabill, seeks to counteract this declination with the power of God. Apart from introducing all-encompassing lesson plans set in Bibleland, the site also has a sister blog with helpful information

They're being influenced by the wrong information and they need to be influenced by the Word of God.

In 2003, CBS ran a story in which they described a decline in Church attendance; the sample was taken from a decline amongst Dutch Christians, yet the trend seems to be suggestive that is happening in other countries, including a 50 percent drop in Americans who consider themselves Protestants. Devout Christians Larry and Mary Grabill want to stop the secular encroachment by introducing the Word of God before people reach young adulthood.

"We've been concerned about children and we want to save them from the moral corruption in the world," explained Larry Grabill. "They're being influenced by the wrong information and they need to be influenced by the Word of God."

In keeping up with these expeditiously technological times, the Grabills launched in November 2008. The site focuses on lesson plans taken from the pages of The Bible, using a fun and interactive space theme and facts, all of which are spread out over several CDs, DVDs and an array of enjoyable craft projects.

Perfect for Sunday Schools and home schooling, the packages are affordable and only a fraction of the cost of placing children in a private school. Unlike a typical Bible-based education, Grabill is insistent that the lessons on his site not only cover the popular narratives such as Daniel in the Lion's Den, but some of the less known passages as well.

"We take stories from every book of The Bible," Grabill said. "The lessons that kids learn can be applied to everyday living. This is far different from other children's material."

For additional help, Grabill has also launched a blog,, that contains tips about utilizing the items on his site, as well as some facts about the home schooling process.

At the end of the day, however, all Grabill wants to do is to purge moral corruption from the minds of American youth by fascinating them with the exciting
Word of God through savvy media saturation:

"Modern media technology floods our children's minds with a tsunami of moral filth that corrupts their thoughts and behavior. We intent to use this same technology to saturated our children with the healing word of God," he said. "The Bible provides the moral compass and hope necessary to face the difficulties of life. Our degenerating society needs a genuine revival of faith in God and the way to begin that is to turn the hearts of our children back to God."

About the Company: was founded by Larry and Mary Grabill and a part of Grabill Designs, LLC.

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Larry Grabill
(719) 646-2009

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