Phenocal Diet Pill Utilizes Clinically-Proven Thermogenic Compounds for All-Natural & Safe Weight-Loss

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The rising statistics for those who suffer from obesity are rather astounding. And in a world where society, and the increased longevity of our lifespan, dictates that we must maintain a healthy weight, newer products like Phenocal diet pills are coming to fore that offer scientifically and clinically-proven, all-natural thermogenic compounds that have no known side effects, and which promote natural, healthy and safe weight-loss.

Getting back down to a healthy weight when you have some excess pounds to shed is a task that is presented to many people who are trying to stay fit in today's demanding society. Losing weight and keeping it off can be very difficult for those who struggle with food cravings, slow metabolic rates, and or, overeating. And, the statistics currently show that obesity is at an all-time high, which has been proven to lead increased risks of contracting a number of diseases later on down the road. Diseases like heart disease, diabetes, cancers and more--which can all by instigated by living at an unhealthy weight over a prolonged duration of time.

In a world where our fitness--and our overall health and wellbeing--is always on the minds of the consumer, who in-turn are constantly searching for the next great thing in the realm of weight-loss, does come a product that truly delivers and actually backs up its performance with clinical proof.

Phenocal diet pills--the brainchild of Pharmaxa Labs--is truly a revolutionary breakthrough for the dieting world of today. By utilizing a proprietary blend of safe, all-natural and clinically-proven thermogenic compounds, Pharmaxa Labs is truly onto something great with their diet pill, Phenocal.

"Our goal with Phenocal was to create a diet pill that could be offered to the consumer at a competitive rate, and one that truly works," states Daniel Watters, spokesperson for Pharmaxa Labs. "We have striven to back up the performances of our product by utilizing clinical trials that have proven, without a doubt, that those who use Phenocal diet pills will be able to shed the excess pounds, suppress their appetites, increase their overall energy levels and truly get back on track to a happier, healthier lifestyle."

During the clinical trials, Phenocal soared to the top, and all of the proprietary thermogenic compounds contained within its revolutionary formula were proven to be both beneficial, and extremely effective towards a natural, healthy weight-loss. The clinical results also proved that Phenocal was entirely safe to use, and that there were no known adverse side effects.

"We have utilized a unique formula of all-natural, thermogenic compounds when we created Phenocal," states Watters. "By utilizing clinically and scientifically proven blends of ingredients, which include Hoodia Gordonii, Green Tea Extract and 7-Keto, in addition to other thermogenic compounds to naturally control and suppress the appetite, increase the metabolism, and promote safe, healthy, natural and effective weight-loss."

The results speak for themselves. Everyday the Phenocal website ( is bombarded with success stories from happy patrons who had tried every other method to lose weight and were unsuccessful with their attempts. But, once they had a chance to try out Phenocal, the rave reviews have been coming in at a steady pace.

For more information on how Phenocal can help you to lose weight safely and naturally, please visit them online at:

About Phenocal:

  •     Is a revolutionary diet pill manufactured by Pharmaxa Labs
  •     Only uses a proprietary blend of safe and all-natural ingredients
  •     Uses patented, clinically & scientifically proven blends of ingredients which include: Hoodia Gordonii, Green Tea Extract and 7-Keto, in addition to other thermogenic compounds to naturally control and suppress the appetite, increase the metabolic rate, and promote safe and effective weight loss
  •     Naturally suppresses the appetite
  •     Maximizes the body's fat-burning potential
  •     Increases energy levels in the body naturally
  •     Does not require a prescription from a doctor
  •     Has no known adverse side effects
  •     Is available online with a generous discount at their website:


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