Rodalyn Reveals God, People and the World Thru Equation in the People's Guide

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Rodalyn (Jewillyn) Emperado RN reveals "God, People and the World" thru the Divine & Moral Equation in her new book THE PEOPLE'S GUIDE - A Face That Saves Billions of Lives & Souls ( Constitutional Poetry with Global Solution). HK2P (ABS BCA) - (GEP) + (JES) w/ CAUSE & CHANGE = PULL OF PEOPLE & NATIONS .In life's realism how can this face saves billions of lives and souls? How can she actually give answers to some of the world's biggest problems? Let us find out her ideal world.

Rodalyn Emperado views life holistically and acknowledges its universality . With the help of her so called equation she believes a progressive and beautiful 21st century world is something everyone is hoping for.

The People's Guide are some set of achievable guides in various form which primarily aims to save billions of lives and souls.

R. Emperado mentions the earth and how human beings maladaptive behaviour affects life and living in general. She aims to unify world leaders, churches, monarchy and the people through Constitutional Amendments stated on the Preamble.

Billions of lives will be saved through the following action plans and interventions:

  • Understand the stages and realities of life of all ages : newborn, children, teen-agers, adults, parents, elderly with thier holistic needs and wants.
  • Avoidance of the root causes of all evils : greed , egoism & pride thus minus (gep)
  • Add joint effort and support (jes) of all ages , amongst nations, kingdoms and states into a collective oneness.
  • Correct decision makings of our world leaders and monarchs in thier search for peace process and conflict free countries.
  • Responsible attitude of all ages, sensible banking system, proper use of medium of exchange, best employment methods, fair wages / salaries for human sustainability and economically stable world.
  • Healthy living, proper food & fluid intake, observance of activities of daily living, adequate shelter, less pollution, no human corruption, crime prevention, less alcoholism , eradication of harmful drugs and poverty as part of the government's program.
  • Responsible journalism of all forms of communications, elimination of negativity culture, filthy films & tv adverts, provision of quality education and health services, affordable housing projects and basic necessities of daily life.

By full awareness of God's existence, billions of souls will be saved because it means complete cessation of evil deeds but pure goodness to prevail.

She gives inspiration by defining what love, justice, peace, prosperity, marriage and family life is all about.

What it means by reconciliation and forgiveness on earth between two kingdoms : heavenly & earthly ones.

To achieve these aims Rodalyn Emperado describes her preference to have a global flag, global anthem, motto, well-founded solutions with bill of rights for all ages suitable to all types of governance, a pre-planned sample timetable for the future, a global care plan and significant symbols.

The book cover represented by a woman's face wearing Jesus Christ's cross with branches of leaves and flower is a meaningful reminder to look after His creations and feel God's presence in our lives. The importance of unpredictable power of nature, even in the extremes of disasters, natural calamities, all forms of darkness, there is always hope and brightness to give us light and a new era in this never ending beginning.

A book that enlightens us to what is factual and real whilst preparing us for what is uncertain and the unknown.


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