God Holds Interviews to Find Messiah Candidate

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Jerry Pollock's new novel, "Messiah Interviews," explores the Jewish and Christian belief in the Messiah. The character Yoseph is interviewed by such biblical personalities as Gabriel, Moses, and Abraham to see if he is fit for the Messiah role.

When interviewed to be the Messiah, Yoseph begins a journey readers will actively embrace as they search with him for truth and sincerity in their own hearts. Experience a soul-searching journey like none before in Jerry Pollock's "Messiah Interviews: Belonging to God" (9780981721200, Shechinah Third Temple, Inc., Jan. 2009).

Man has always speculated upon the end of the world and the possibility of life after death. Jerry Pollock, scientist and man of faith, has weaved into his novel, "Messiah Interviews" the story of an imperfect life on Earth as Yoseph, a fictional version of the author, is interviewed for the role of Messiah. Throughout the interviews, Yoseph must look into his own heart, to realize the morality of the Divine and to understand God's plan for the Messianic Age.

Readers join Yoseph in what becomes a journey toward understanding the implications of biblical history upon our modern world. Through a series of unexplainable events, the author empowers readers to decide whether it is worth making the extra spiritual effort to gain possible entrance to an uncertain futuristic Garden of Eden, the Messianic Age. Through dreamlike interviews--with the angel Gabriel, Methuselah, Chanoch, Seth, King David, Moses, Jacob, Abraham and the prophet Isaiah--Yoseph is forced to bear his soul and his own hidden demons.

Beyond the soul-searching that "Messiah Interviews" encourages, readers will become more knowledgeable about the role of Judaism and religion in human history. Many topics of religious and controversial background are discussed including The Ten Commandments, Creation, Evolution, Good and Evil, Primal Therapy, the Resurrection, the Twelve Tribes of Israel, Monotheistic Religions, the Third Temple, and the Messianic Age.

"Messiah Interviews" is a tour-de-force that asks its readers to look at their own religious beliefs, to question and reaffirm those beliefs, and to understand the history behind their religious faith. Christian readers will find themselves with a clearer understanding of Judaism and its role as the basis of Christianity. Questions of science and religion's compatibility are deftly explored. Pollock writes with humor, attention to detail and tradition, and above all, with reverence for the human spirit and its never-ending quest to understand God. "Messiah Interviews" is the perfect gift for anyone seeking a deeper spiritual journey during the holiday season.

About the Author
Jerry Pollock was born in Toronto. His interest in scientific research and a Canadian scholarship to study abroad caused him to leave Toronto in 1966 for Israel. Jerry completed his Ph.D. in Biophysics in 1969 at the Weizmann Institute of Science. He has had a long teaching career in the Oral Biology & Pathology Department of the School of Dental Medicine at Stony Brook University, and he has published seventy-five articles in peer reviewed scientific journals. Unusual miraculous events of Divine intervention, described in both his previous book "Divinely Inspired" and now in "Messiah Interviews," have led Jerry to a spiritual awakening and freedom from Bipolar Disorder. Today, Jerry is seeking inner peace by living each day with spiritual meaning in the Image of his Creator. Jerry is married to Marcia, his "bashert" or destined one. They reside in Florida.

"Messiah Interviews: Belonging to God" (9780981721200, Shechinah Third Temple, Inc., 2008) can be purchased through local and online bookstores. For more information, visit http://www.shechinahthirdtemple.org. Publicity contact: http://www.ReaderViews.com. Review copies available upon request.


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