New Service by World Secure Channel Beats Government Restrictions for Boundless Internet Exploration

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For internet users in countries where online activity is heavily censored by the government, a new service from World Secure Channel lets web surfers roam the internet without regulations.

Today, bypassing government internet restrictions just became easier with World Secure Channel’s newest service. Internet surfers can easily access the boundless web without being frustrated by government controls and without exposing secure information.

Via a WSC VPN account from World Secure Channel, internet users in countries like China, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Brazil, Ethiopia, Iran, India, Korea, Morocco, Myanmar, Oman, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Syria, Sudan, Thailand, Turkey, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, and Yemen can bypass regulation preventing the use of Skype, MSN, and other VoIP applications.

Convenient and easy to use, World Secure Channel’s VPN service can be used securely at WiFi hotspots to ensure the safety of internet connections and as a general security measure against online attacks. VPN is a Virtual Private Network or tunnel over the internet. Each VPN connection is totally anonymous on the web and helps keep users’ activities, security and privacy totally unidentifiable and safe.

With a VPN service, users get an added layer of security and anonymity that prevents local ISP (Internet Service Provider) from regulating an internet connection and prevents harassment by being tracked via IP address. A safe/encrypted connection between computers and the internet allows internet surfers to access blocked sites and bypass proxy and content filters without the internet service provider (including offices and educational institutions) being able to detect activity.

VPN connections are easily set up on most computers, sending data through a encrypted “private tunnel” to World Secure Channel servers. Filtering mechanisms in place by ISP is then bypassed, allowing users to freely surf the web and use chat, video, and audio applications.

For specific applications like Skype and MSN, World Secure Channel improves call and sound quality, allowing users to utilize the software to place calls through their PCs.

Further benefits:

•    Users’ IP address is invisible to the other end

•    Users receive a new USA-based IP

•    Users are anonymous anywhere their World Secure Channel account is accessed even behind a firewall

•    World Secure Channel provides a 128 bit Strong Encryption that prevents even ISPs from spying

•    PPTP protocol is faster and easier to set up than SSL or IPSEC

•    L2TP/IPSEC is also available now upon request

•    VOIP (Net2Phone, Skype, etc…) World Secure Channel allows users to place calls even if they’re being blocked by an ISP. Encryption hides the fact that users are placing a VOIP call and only a connection to World Secure Channel servers will show up in ISP logs

With World Secure Channel’s WSC VPN account, users are protected from DNS spoofing and popular forms of online attacks, leaving them free to access unsecured internet connections in hotels, airports, cafes, etc…in any part of the world, including the Middle East and Asia.

Incredibly user friendly, World Secure Channel’s newest service requires only a modern PC, an internet connection, ADSL routers must support PPTP passthrough, and three to five minutes for setup. VPN accounts are subscription-based and cost $20 per month for unrestricted internet access (accounts are created manually after fraud checks).

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