Going Against The Grain: True Wellness Centers and Spas Has Changed its Name to Be Truly Well Chiropractic & Day Spa

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Why one Chiropractor is changing the rules of the game and going against the grain to inform, enlighten and enrich the lives of his patients. While others are pushing drugs and toxins, he's pushing organic and natural and making a real difference.

The only beneficiaries from the incredible amount of prescription drugs being consumed by uninformed Americans are the drug companies themselves--to the tune of billions of dollars.

At his Be Truly Well Chiropractic & Day Spa in Newark (formerly True Wellness Centers & Spas), leading chiropractor and lecturer, Dr. Jeffrey J. West, has completely turned away from the clinical nature of most East Coast Chiropractic Centers and is entirely devoted to holistic healing and treating the body naturally. Just as importantly, his philosophy carries over into the company's Day Spa.

West, who has been practicing Chiropractic for 13 years explains, "People are seriously misinformed. They think, or have been convinced, that because something is approved by the FDA or the cosmetic industry that it must be safe. It isn't. Nothing could be further from the truth. The European Union has recently banned formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate in cosmetics and skin care products, but the U.S. has not followed suit. These have cancer-causing properties, which are also linked to birth defects, so why wouldn't they be, why aren't they, banned? Well, they are in my practice."

"We very strongly feel it is important for us to be as natural as possible in both our Day Spa and our Chiropractic Center," West says. Be Truly Well Chiropractic & Day Spa works with some of the most natural, health-conscious companies on Earth, including Naturopathica, the East Hampton-based skincare company, which embraces a totally holistic lifestyle and includes only the most natural and organic ingredients in their products.

As noted in a Forbes FYI article: "Licorice extract, vitamin C and alpha lipoic acid - no, not dietary supplements, but a recipe for skincare. Plant-derived botanicals are the core of Naturopathica's offerings, and founder Barbara Close uses only natural preparations in her Botanical Skin Brightener."

Dr. West is passionate about the natural lifestyle and going back to times when we successfully healed the body with nutrition. "These are interesting times," he says. "We live on a planet where people have been persuaded to ingest prescription drugs for anything and everything that ails them - from a headache to a sore arm. The fact of the matter is, there are underlying reasons for these ailments. Drugs mask the symptoms and create a false sense of well-being that lasts for several hours. Then additional doses are needed when the drug starts to wear off and the pain begins creeping back."        

Be Truly Well is going against the grain, the "new standard," of drugs, toxins, chemicals, fragrances, preservatives and the rest. "Let's face it," West says, "The only beneficiaries from the incredible amount of prescription drugs being consumed by uninformed Americans are the drug companies themselves--to the tune of billions of dollars." To that end, the Center is committed to do whatever it takes to ensure their patients are treated with only the finest, most natural products on Earth. "Even our treatment water is filtered using reverse osmosis. A person could literally drink the toilet water in our Center and it would be healthier than drinking tap water. That's a very sad fact, unfortunately, but a true one."

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