An Instant Piano Chord Finder Has Been Introduced By Duane Shinn's Keyboard Workshop

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A unique digital product called 'The Instant Piano Chord Finder' has been created by Duane Shinn from Keyboard Workshop. Designed to help beginners as well as advanced users, this application is said to be a chord finder, chord locator, chord dictionary and chord chart, all wrapped up in one.

A new digital product called 'The Instant Piano Chord Finder' has hit the market recently. Its creator, Duane Shinn, a well known pianist and piano teacher, has designed this innovative product for piano learners as well as professionals. It is an innocuous utility that sits on the computer desktop and can display all the chords and their extensions and inversions by the touch of a button.

Duane is known for his various e-courses, products and online teaching techniques that are different from the traditional methods. This product serves as a handy tool for Music Theory learners, chord players, sheet music writers as well as guitarists and music composers. It is easy to use and has an attractive and well laid-out interface.

The interface is divided into three parts: The musical staff, the keyboard layout and the keypad. On pressing the C key on the keypad, the notes of the C chord are displayed on the staff at the top, and the notes as well as the scale of the C chord are displayed on the keyboard. The root note is also displayed. On further pressing the keys the various extensions and inversions can be seen. Those who want to improvise can use this feature to see which notes go with which chords.

While speaking on how this product compares with other chord charts, Duane says, "This is great music theory, and it's all on a concise chart on your desktop. Of course you can get it out of a book, but you can't turn chords upside down or determine what the scale is, and get the extensions and so on. So it's worth its weight in gold."

Commenting on how the Instant Chord Finder can help sight-reading, Mr. Shinn says, "As you can see, the Keyboard Computer Chord Chart Finder shows you all the chords, both on the keyboard and on the bass and treble clef music staff. So you see what each piano chord and /or keyboard chord looks like both on your sheet music and on your keyboard! This will not only solve all your chord problems, but it will also speed up your sight-reading! Why? Because you see both the notation and what your left hand plays- all in the same glance. So your brain connects the two, and your sight-reading automatically speeds up."

This tool is useful for piano, keyboard, organ and synthesizer players. About the price: "It's a thousand-dollar college education in a chord chart for 39 bucks!" as Duane puts it. For $39 it can be a good buy for the piano enthusiast.

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