"Jobs for Millions" Campaign Started by Two Attorneys to Combat U.S. Recession

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Denise Gosnell and Jynell Berkshire, attorneys and co-founders of Innoventum, Inc., have announced the launch of the "Jobs for Millions" campaign designed to create 500,000 new American businesses and to help 500,000 existing American businesses grow.

Every American citizen and every American company can do at least 'one thing' to help another person or company in their community

founders of Innoventumâ„¢, Inc. announce the creation and kick off of the "Jobs for Millions" campaign (http://www.jobsformillions.org/). To combat the staggering number of U.S. job losses and help stimulate the economy, "Jobs for Millions" plans to create 500,000 new American businesses and help 500,000 existing American businesses grow through a collective effort.

Ms. Gosnell, business owner and attorney in the unique position of being both an advocate for the regular Joe looking for a job and also a high tech attorney for global software companies, states, "We need to create our own bailout." She continues, "We can participate in the recession, or we can participate in growth and take our country back".

To jump start the campaign, Innoventum is donating approximately $200,000 worth of business training and coaching products in the form of scholarships to 250 businesses spanning all 50 states, 50 of which will be brand new businesses started from scratch.

The business training products being donated include Innoventum's newly-released BizFast training course on starting and operating a business, their soon-to-be-released BizCert training course on obtaining and leveraging minority, woman, and veteran-owned business certifications, and their soon-to-be-released BizMarketing training course. Existing and new business owners are encouraged to apply for the "Jobs for Millions" scholarships online at http://www.innoventum.com/scholarships.html.

Ms. Gosnell and Ms. Berkshire recognize the economic challenges squeezing the nation, but they also recognize the "power of one". "Every American citizen and every American company can do at least 'one thing' to help another person or company in their community," Ms. Berkshire adds. "With just a tiny bit of effort from everyone, we can create 500,000 new companies and help 500,000 existing companies grow and prosper."

Along these lines, "Jobs for Millions" is asking each American citizen and American business to follow their lead and help stimulate the economy in any of the following ways:

  •     Successful Businesses: Thriving businesses can add at least one new job that they had not otherwise planned on adding. If unable to afford to add a new job to their company, they can give away some of their products or services for free to one or more people, or offer some free training to their industry.
  •     People with Existing Jobs: Current employees can give their employer or another business some extra work that they are not paid for. They can also donate time to a charity or talents to train others in their community. Or, they can start a business and work towards generating revenue and creating even more jobs.
  •     Struggling Businesses: Companies that are struggling can still find a way to help others by giving away one or more of their products or services for free, or by providing free training in their industry.
  •     Unemployed Workers: Unemployed workers can spend some part time hours helping another entity in their community who needs help but cannot afford to pay anyone. This can still be accomplished while seeking another job.
  •     Senior Citizens or College Students: Those on fixed incomes can also help by donating time or talent to charities, homeless shelters, food banks, hospitals, or nursing homes.

The U.S. Department of Labor reports that both the number of unemployed persons (10.3 million) and the unemployment rate (6.7 percent) continued to increase in November. Those numbers are expected to rise dramatically with the looming automotive industry bankruptcy. In fact, according to research conducted by the Economic Policy Institute in Washington, D.C., bankruptcy for one or more U.S. auto-makers would result in the loss of up to 3.3 million jobs in the U.S. within the next year. Michigan alone could lose over 400,000 jobs. Production shutdown could impact as many as 147,000 jobs in Indiana (where Innoventum is headquartered). The report lists possible job losses in each state and the District of Columbia.

About Innoventum, Inc.

Frustrated by the lack of free and affordable resources for business owners and people looking to start and grow businesses, Innoventum, Inc. was founded in 2007 by two attorneys, Denise Gosnell and Jynell Berkshire. They founded Innoventum with the mission of creating the best business start up and growth products and services on the planet earth. Visit http://www.innoventum.com for more information.

Denise Gosnell, President & CEO
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