Property Mentor Proves the Key to Successful Investments is All About Knowing Your Property History

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Following Oxford University's investigation into the history of the credit crunch and their discovery of it existing during the Roman Empire, Property Mentor have launched a new campaign. A campaign which they hope will offer investors on new perspective on their investors - that no matter the financial climate they can create successful property portfolios.

Recognising the need within the property investment market for positive press, Property Mentor have launched a new campaign. A campaign that they hope will put thoughts of the recession to the back of investor's minds, and will prove to them that their property investments are completely safe; even if their equity is falling.

And their campaign's declaration is definitely one to remember. Following research into the history of the globe's economy, evidence has been found by Oxford University which proves that we have suffered from credit crises since the Roman Empire - 88BC to be exact.

And with this evidence in mind, Property Mentor are calling upon all investors to take note: 'We have been here before, and we will be again.'

As Matthew Lauchlan, Director of Property Mentor explained: "Investors may remember Black Monday of 1992, and the beginnings of the financial crisis during 1989. But what many investors forget is that the countries economy has been put under this strain before."

"1989, 1973, 1931, 1929 and not forgetting 88BC. History itself proves that we have been here before, and that it is nothing new. But what history also proves is that we have also recovered from every one of those occasions, as we will do again." - Matthew Lauchlan, Director of Property Mentor.

Utilising this knowledge, Property Mentor are calling upon all investors - new and experienced - to view the property market for what it really is, and to see the real opportunities this credit crisis can present. Not just for them now, but also for their property portfolios in the future.

Their weekly newsletter and email campaigns are a clear example of their dedication to this cause, offering investors an insight into what the property market has got to offer if they look beneath the surface.

As Property Mentor Director, Matthew Lauchlan continued to explain: "Reading between the lines can be difficult. Especially when it is layered with negativity. Take the recent coverage by the EIG on the number of empty households."

"To some their report of there being over 750,000 empty properties across the whole of the UK may act as a sign that properties are not selling. But at Property Mentor all we can see is 750,000 potential properties that can house tenants 750,000 properties that we can invest in at minimal prices. It just a question of being able to read and interpret the press correctly. Of being able to read between the lines," concluded Matthew Lauchlan, Director of Property Mentor.

But their support does not stop there.
Committed to proving to investors that successful property investments are possible in any financial climate, Property Mentor have opened up their 2 hour learning forum so that investors can witness first hand the credibility of their statement.

So that here within this intimate environment they can put a face to their declaration, and see that all their facts and tips are real.

By doing so Property Mentor hopes investors will be able to find the confidence to continue investing in all financial climates - property boom or credit crisis, and know that their investments are secure.

Taking place across the UK, investors are openly invited to come and share their experiences with a group of like minded people. Whilst also being able to meet investors who despite the recent economic climate have found success in property investment.

Some of the topics that will covered are:

  •     How to earn a positive cash flow of £500-£1,000 per property, per month
  •     How to research and invest in the right properties at just 85% of the price
  •     How to make structure your property portfolio for long term success
  •     How to find the best property deals.

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