Surprising Results Reveal Genesis Account of Creation More Scientific Than Theory of Evolution

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Anti-evolution organization uses evolutionary criteria to assess Biblical account of creation as well as each tenet of evolution.

It is not necessarily easy to

Keeping within scientific standards most commonly used by evolutionists, Who Is Your Creator has created a scientific narrative for the Genesis Account of Creation. By using those same standards, Who Is Your Creator also exposes the utter lack of scientific evidence for the origin of the universe, origin of life, and common descent.

Due to the biased media coverage of the upcoming worldwide Darwin Day celebration, Who Is Your Creator is stepping up its attack on the pro-evolution fabrications and misrepresentations that are commonly associated with Darwinism. To help with deciphering what is true and what is false, they are also producing a DVD that will be primarily geared towards students, parents, and churches.

The DVD will systematically present the evidence against each tenet of evolution, the evidence for the Genesis Account of Creation, and end with the Gospel message. A CD containing supporting documents will accompany the DVD so that access to scientific information that is not in the DVD will be available for more in depth review.

Evolutionists admit that there is NO direct observation for common descent and the University of California Museum of Paleontology and the National Center for Science Education's website states, "It is not necessarily easy to "see" macroevolutionary history; there are no firsthand accounts to be read."

They also admit that they don't know what mechanism(s) could cause enough genetic change to eventually change a fish into an amphibian, a reptile into a bird, a chimpanzee into a man, etc., their website stating, "But they are trying to figure out how evolution happens, and that's not an easy job." The Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History's website states, "Scientists are still uncovering the specifics of how, when, and why evolution produced the life we see on Earth today."

Who Is Your Creator founder, Julie Haberle, comments, "Are evolutionists really interesting in pursuing the truth? While most people that believe in evolution are simply unaware of the lack of empirical science supporting it, many willfully turn a blind eye to current scientific research. In fact, evolutionary-based science has now been proven to be a menace to medical research and scientific progress."

The evolution/creation debate isn't new. Since the beginning of time, civilizations have devised all sorts of alternative stories in attempts to explain the world around them. But now, science has clearly opened the door for the truth … but many will choose not to walk in.


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