More Women Using Menersa Botanical Alternative to Treat Known Symptoms of Menopause Naturally

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Recent statistics estimate that every single day more than four thousand women will begin menopause. The many symptoms that are associated with this natural phase of their lives can really reduce the quality of their living. And with the many different available medical treatments and drugs, there are plenty of known side effects that come attached. Which is why more women are seeking safer, natural alternatives. A newer, all-natural supplement, Menersa, provides relief from the symptoms of menopause, and has been clinically proven to be as effective as the leading prescription medications.

According to recent statistics, every day an estimated four thousand women will enter the menopausal phase of their lives. For these women, they are ending one journey and just embarking upon another--one that will be far more demanding both mentally and physically as they enter the 'Golden Years.'

And while medical technology has brought to the fore numerous treatments and remedies for the symptoms of menopause, including, but not limited to, hormone replacement therapies and naturally-based soy alternatives, most of the common procedures and medicines that are currently available for the treatment of the symptoms of menopause come with their own array of known side effects, which is why more women are seeking safer, natural alternatives.

For the multitudes of women who are entering or experiencing the menopausal portion of their life, the many symptoms of menopause can truly begin to take their toll after a short while. Symptoms such as irritability, depression, mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats, lack of sex drive and abnormal weight gain, are enough in and of themselves to really batter the senses and lower the quality of living.

Considering that of the different available options that these women can choose to effectively combat the symptoms of menopause, many are apt to do so out of fear of making their situation more unbearable due to known side effects, which are associated with the many common treatments for menopause. So, in-turn, many women are starting to avidly seek safer, all-natural cures for menopause.

"There are thirty-four common symptoms of menopause that we aimed to conquer when we were developing and creating all-natural Menersa," states Janice Greenberg, spokesperson for Vitaloix Labs. "Our main objective was to take into consideration those many different and known symptoms, and offer a natural and safe, effective and affordable means at which for women to treat them."

Menersa does indeed deliver when treating the symptoms of menopause naturally. To back up their product, and the effectiveness and safety of it, Vitaloix Labs conducted intensive clinical studies on Menersa. The results were simply fantastic.

"Our intense clinical studies concluded that Menersa significantly reduces menopausal symptoms," states Greenberg. "Especially with regards to indices and hot flash frequency--when compared to a placebo--the evidence suggests that it is comparable to low-dose transdermal estradiol (Estraderm 25 mcg every 7 days) for relieving hot flashes."

But unlike the many common medical treatments for the symptoms of menopause, Menersa was also proven to have no known side effects. And the cost of Menersa, when compared to popular prescription drugs, was far less. Because the supplement is all-natural, it does not require a prescription from the doctor and can even be ordered online from their secured website (

For more information on how all-natural and safe Menersa can treat the thirty-four symptoms of Menopause safely, please visit their website at:

About Menersa:

  •     Created by Vitaloix Labs--a leading nutraceutical company
  •     Relieves the common symptoms associated with menopause including, but not limited to, hot flashes, mood swings, decreased energy, nervousness, irritability, tension and others
  •     Naturally balances the hormonal system
  •     Promotes healthy weight maintenance and a healthy sexual drive
  •     Targets the support of hormonal pathway imbalances, reducing menopausal symptoms
  •     Re-supplies the body with naturally-occurring phytoestrogen complexes
  •     Includes calming herbs that work to naturally relieve discomfort associated with the symptoms of menopause, and that help to replenish essential and vital nutrients
  •     Is a safer alternative to hormone therapy and hormone replacement therapy, and has also been proven to be as equally or more effective than using menopausal products containing soy
  •     Clinical studies provided evidence that Menersa is comparable to low-dose transdermal estradiol (Estraderm 25 mcg every 7 days) for relieving hot flashes
  •     No known adverse side effects
  •     100% all-natural, safe & effective
  •     Available online at their website for a generous discount at:


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